Safety update from The Foursquare Church

Dear Foursquare Family,

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

We are writing you today, watching our nation and world reeling from news that changes almost hourly, and is eliciting great concern and fear. Some information is well-founded on some fronts. At other times, the information is so complex and concerning that it demands those of us who view life through a spiritual lens to ask the questions: “What is really going on here, how can I pray, and how can I help lead others in the middle of this?”

In meetings this week with our Foursquare board and cabinet, we have earnestly sought to hear from God and be in alignment with Him in all things. We must always anchor our boat to Jesus in the middle of every storm.

We know that all storms come, and all storms pass. But the havoc created by them leaves us with responsibilities to act prudently and courageously. We do not want to be dismissive of those realities, nor be overwhelmed to the point of inactivity or paralysis.

We learn from Jesus to speak “peace” to the storm, and we do that today in regard to this pandemic. Jesus addressed the fear that had gripped the disciples to a point of paralysis. So, we speak today to the fear that would surround us, declaring, “that the Lord has NOT given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” Also, in the spirit of wisdom, Jesus changed His itinerary once when He learned of the crowd’s plan to arrest Him.

It is in this same spirit we write to you today. Many federal, state and local government officials are implementing or revising mandates and recommendations on a nearly daily basis related to this health crisis, which often vary from region to region.  The Foursquare Church asks all of our churches and senior pastors to keep apprised of the developments and to comply with the government mandates issued for their area. Additionally, we encourage you to earnestly consider the recommendations those officials publish, as well.  As you review precautions that the CDC and your state and local health authorities have released, it is important to understand this is intended to curb the spreading of the virus and protect those who would be vulnerable in our congregations, especially considering the older members, children, expecting mothers and those with underlying health issues.

In order to help you, as you prayerfully consider the best next steps, we have linked important resources below that are meant to equip and support you as you navigate these decisions.

This is the opportunity to be creative in how you gather. Some are hosting small groups in homes, some are convening a small group in the sanctuary and livestreaming into homes. This is not unusual for us, but rather common to the early church and still a predominate model in several nations around the world—and they grow and multiply! What if we find that our churches actually grew in number, in relationship and discipleship, through this time? God’s Spirit is among us even as two or three gather in His name.

Lastly, we know many are wondering about our Foursquare Connection in Denver, scheduled for May 25-28. We want you to know that we are closely monitoring how things are developing in the U.S. Since we are still nearly three months away, the current plan of our board of directors is to reassess and communicate with everyone again by March 26. The board of directors, in communication with the Global Council, is also reviewing the Global Summit that is scheduled prior to Connection. As it demands global travel, we are sensitive to these factors and will be in further communication with attendees about this event, as well. At the forefront of our consideration is our responsibility to one another as family. We will prioritize everyone’s best interests and well-being as the critical concern before us.

Till all have heard,
Glenn Burris Jr + Randy Remington

Last week The Foursquare Church sent out an email encouraging our local churches to pray for those being affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Though each church context and area of the nation may have different concerns, we encourage churches to be prepared and consider creative ways to help allay fears so that we can continue to be beacons of hope in our communities.
We’ve heard some great tips and ideas from Foursquare churches and interdenominational friends alike, such as:
  • Receiving online prayer requests from those that are sick; having additional prayer teams ready to cover those in need of prayer
  • Positioning additional greeters so that fewer hands touch doors
  • Thinking through how or if to pass communion and offering plates
  • Thinking through physical contact during in-service greeting times
  • Making online streaming readily available for those that are sick
  • Thoroughly disinfecting kids’ areas, restrooms and high-touch areas


Download a PDF with some helpful links and resources, from how some larger churches are making intentional strides in keeping congregations safe, to links for streaming services and collecting online offerings—even if these things haven't been part of your church's norm. You can also find additional resources on the Northwest District's website.

Download resources

Facebook Group

The Foursquare Church has opened up a Facebook group called "Tips for Healthy Churches (COVID-19 Safety)" for those looking for ongoing resources during this coronavirus outbreak. We welcome you to share resources and ways to pray for each other in this collaborative environment.

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"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Tim. 1:7, NKJV). God is not surprised or overwhelmed by this virus, and we are thankful that our God comes near when we are worried or concerned. We pray specifically for safety and wisdom over our U.S. churches, and for our missionaries and leaders located around the world. May God use this situation for His ultimate glory!
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