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Through the district consolidation of the past year, Foursquare leadership has worked to bring streamlined efficiency to the National Church Office and the 14 district offices. As we move into 2010, the NCO is realigning to reflect a lean structure. In that process, we’ve determined that the three main functions of the NCO and district offices are missional, supervisory and administrative, and as a result, National Church ministries have been reorganized to align with these functions.

We want to take this opportunity to communicate the changes that have taken place. First, as a result of realignment, the following have ceased to be NCO ministries:

Office of Hispanic Ministries
The Hispanic ministry was launched in the form of five affinity districts, primarily on the West Coast of the United States. That was followed by a national office of Hispanic ministries through the Urban and Multicultural Initiative. With the launch of the new districts in 2009 and the rapid growth of the multiethnic population across our nation, the need for a strategy to broaden the influence of these representative leaders became apparent.

A multiethnic task force has been formed as a bridge to national representation on a national Hispanic council and is serving all the districts across the nation. Currently there are also representatives for Koreans and Portuguese-speaking leaders, African-Americans, and Native Americans. Further, conversations have begun with various other people groups.

The importance of the role of these representatives nationally cannot be overstated. Ted Vail facilitates our multiethnic focus, and we are very excited about the doors that are opening before us. Thank you, Jim Tolle and your team, for serving the Office of Hispanic Ministries. Your love for the people and the incredible fruitfulness God has given you in your city and beyond is a great blessing to the Foursquare family.

Women’s Ministries
UFW/FWI served the women of Foursquare for approximately 55 years. The ministry included the Alabaster House, which served our missionaries; college scholarships for ministers’ children; and women’s ministry resources. These functions have been reorganized over the years, and in the future recommended resources will be in one central location on the Foursquare website. Women’s ministries at the district level will be determined by each district in response to the needs of the local churches. Thank you to all of you who have served in leadership through the years.

Men’s Ministries
As will occur with women’s ministries, future recommended resources will be in one central location on the Foursquare website. Men’s ministries at the district level will be determined by each district in response the needs of the local churches. Thank you, Gary Dunahoo and your team, for leading and bringing a renewed focus on men’s ministries in recent years.

NextGen has worked toward developing an integrated “pipeline” approach to discipling people of various ages, from young children through young adults. This reorganization has included moving away from specific ministries to coaching and resourcing districts. In light of this new structure, J12 is no longer offered as a national NextGen ministry but will continue to be a recommended resource to local churches. Thank you, Gregg Johnson and your team, for ministering to tweens and calling them to be about the Father’s business.

Three Categories of Alignment
As previously mentioned, NCO is aligning its mission and ministry based on three categories: missional, supervisory and administrative. This structure parallels that of the newly-established district offices. Following is an overview of these three functions and the ministries aligned within each.

Missional Function
The departments of Church Health and Church Multiplication have been integrated into one missional facilitator’s office, focusing on evangelism, training healthy leaders (with special emphasis on age, gender and ethnicity), and multiplying healthy, reproducing churches. Ministries flowing from the missional function include NextGen, Women in Leadership Ministry, and Urban and Multicultural. The facilitation of education and training through ministry institutes, Emerging Leader Network (ELN) programs and more, also are incorporated.

Supervisory Function
The supervisory function involves caring for and nurturing our leaders. Included in this category are coaching and support of district supervisors, as well as crisis interventions, nurturing of leadership health through C.A.R.E. and the Center for Spiritual Renewal at CrossPointe. Foursquare chaplains and ForeRunners also are supported through the supervisory function.

Administrative Function
Budgets, facilities (camps and CrossPointe), ARCs, and NCO office operations all fall under the administrative function. Also in the administrative category is Foursquare Association. As this ministry continues to develop, its oversight and administration is being transferred from the NCO to the districts and ARC offices. Thank you Jim Hibdon and team for facilitating the launch of the Foursquare Association, providing an opportunity for a growing number of ministers to be a part of the Foursquare family.

Thank you!
I want to thank all who have served and shared their lives as part of the NCO team. As we move into this next season, we are grateful for your heart regarding this alignment to mission. There is great harvest ahead for The Foursquare Church!

By: Tammy Dunahoo, interim general supervisor for The Foursquare Church.

is the former general supervisor of The Foursquare Church. She now serves as the dean at Portland Seminary.