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Throughout 2009 and 2010, the National Church Office (NCO) worked through a process of realignment. Our focus was to determine which ministries are best delivered by the local church and district office, and then decentralize those ministries by giving oversight of them to districts, thereby streamlining the efforts and funding of NCO.

We want to clearly communicate several key changes that have been made regarding the following ministries:

NextGen (Cradle to College)

Kelly Fellows has become NextGen pastor at New Hope Christian Fellowship (Simi Valley 2 Foursquare Church) in Simi Valley, Calif., serving with Senior Pastor James Craft. Kelly networks the district NextGen leaders through monthly conference calls and annual national team meetings, and oversees national training events and gatherings, such as the NextGen learning track that will take place on Wednesday of Connection 2011 in Columbus, Ohio.

Together, Kelly and James represent many years of NextGen ministry and carry that passion into the local church, where it happens best! Kelly’s desire to focus on family ministry that includes parents as well as children, youth and young adults will be a great asset to our district leaders.


First of all, we want to thank Rick Wulfestieg and his team for the years of service they have given the national ministry of ForeRunners. As of January 1, 2011, this ministry was transferred to the district offices with the intent of expanding its focus and involving more ForeRunners in its leadership.

Each district has a ForeRunners point person who is responsible for sending birthday cards and gifts, building teams for care, and partnering with the district office to see that this rich gift is used in various points of district and local ministry, such as serving in district camps and conferences, transitional pastor appointments, mentoring young leaders and more. ForeRunners, you are a vital part of our Foursquare family, and we need you to continue to be involved!

Hispanic Ministries

Although in the past few years there have been affinity districts designed for various ethnic groups, as the districts were consolidated, we were reminded that we are one family! We want to integrate wherever possible, without losing the distinct ministry needed for each people group.

To help accomplish this, Ted Vail, leading Foursquare’s Urban and Multicultural Ministries, has partnered with NCO to appoint a National Hispanic Council, comprised of district representatives, key national ministries and influential national voices, with Pastor Daniel Prieto as chair. This council has a vital role in bringing district issues to the larger national platform, as well as bringing key national and global Hispanic discussions right to the districts. We are also blessed by the anointing and caliber of Hispanic leaders in our movement. 

Ted and his team will continue to develop other networks and councils among the various people groups. In addition to the National Hispanic Council chaired by Daniel Prieto, the Native American Ministry Council was just established and includes such leaders as Frank East, Freddy Hall, Jan Morgan, Juan Romero, Steve Schell and Jeff Yellow Owl. Also, we are in the process of establishing an African American council.  We look forward to a great future together!


By: Tammy Dunahoo, general supervisor of The Foursquare Church

is the former general supervisor of The Foursquare Church. She now serves as the dean at Portland Seminary.