President-Elect Randy Remington

Longtime pastor and spiritual leader Randy Remington was elected Tuesday, May 28, as the next president of The Foursquare Church. The election took place at Foursquare Connection 2019, currently being held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort + Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Corporate Secretary Adam Davidson announced that 3,446 licensed ministers and registered delegates voted by written ballot at the annual convention this afternoon, as well as by absentee ballot, as outlined by the Foursquare bylaws. All ballots were tallied by an independent accounting firm. Adam noted that Foursquare “didn’t have a political process, we had a holy process.”

Immediately following the announcement, Presidential Candidate Tammy Dunahoo said to Randy: “We love you, we believe in you, we welcome you as our president.”

With emotion, Randy greeted the convention body, noting Tammy is a “woman of honor” who has “blazed trails.” The crowd then gave Tammy an extended standing ovation.

After asking his Foursquare family for prayer during the coming year of transition, Randy added: “It’s humbling to be in this place; thank you for the privilege.”

President Glenn Burris Jr. prayed over Randy, anointing him with oil. “We know the days ahead are filled with challenge and opportunity. We ask You to protect [Randy and Sandy], draw them close to You, and prepare them for these days.”

Lead pastor of Beaverton Foursquare Church in Beaverton, Ore., since 2003, Randy describes himself as optimistic about the body of Christ and The Foursquare Church because he loves its founder—Jesus.

Glenn Burris Jr. prays over Randy Remington

He also loves prayer. During the recent series of Presidential Forums, Randy pledged, if elected, to lead, model and champion a culture of prayer. Although the church was birthed in a prayer meeting, he said it is also sustained through prayer. Randy cited the basement room under legendary pastor Charles Spurgeon’s pulpit; there, young people prepared for ministry by participating in prayers of support for Spurgeon.

“He didn’t want to preach without the power of God at work,” Randy said. “Doesn’t God respond to the prayers of His people? As a movement, we cannot strategize or fund our way to a move of God. It’s a praying people [that brings] a move of God.”

In addition to prayer, Randy plans to work ceaselessly to unite the Foursquare family, saying the president must lead relationally to see that everyone feels networked, empowered and included in this movement. He also plans to be “radically committed” to the Great Commission. Because the lost and the least matter to Jesus, we must be concerned about them as well, Randy asserts.

“The president has to be the CMO: the Chief Missional Officer,” he commented earlier this year. “That’s the basis of our commitment. If we lose sight of that, we will just be committed to keeping this thing going. I want Christ’s presence and fullness with us.”

“The president has to be the CMO: the Chief Missional Officer. That’s the basis of our commitment. If we lose sight of that, we will just be committed to keeping this thing going. I want Christ’s presence and fullness with us.”
—President-Elect Randy Remington

A one-time manual laborer, ranch hand and delivery driver, after his call to ministry Randy served as a youth pastor in Wyoming for three years and also as a short-term missionary to Jamaica. His relationship with Foursquare began more than three decades ago when he was invited to speak at a district youth camp. While attending a Foursquare church the following weekend, he recalls, the Holy Spirit said: “You’re home. This is the family where I’m placing you.”

“I’m not just a pastor; I’m a Foursquare pastor,” Randy says. “That means something to me. It means I’m part of a family with a distinct story that is still being written. I love our message; we are a Jesus church. We believe in the Spirit and His dynamism are working.”

After the moving experience that marked his entry into Foursquare, Randy became youth pastor of New Hope Foursquare Church in Salem, Ore. He held that position for three years before becoming senior pastor of Stanwood Foursquare Church in Stanwood, Wash., in 1991. Randy spent three years in Stanwood before becoming senior pastor of New Life Center (now New Life Church, Everett Foursquare Church) in Everett, Wash. After nine years there, he became senior pastor of Beaverton Foursquare.

In addition to his pastoral service, Randy has been an active participant in Foursquare life. Prior to his election, he had served on the presidential task force, missions committee, district advisory council of the North Pacific District, and Foursquare cabinet. Randy has been the Puget Sound/Alaska District supervisor, a divisional superintendent, and a member of many other boards and committees.

Randy and his wife, Sandy, have been married for 30 years and have three adult sons: Joseph, Sam and Thomas.

The president-elect will spend up to a year shadowing current President Glenn Burris Jr. before assuming the duties of the presidency on Sept. 1, 2020. Randy Remington’s inauguration will take place during Foursquare Connection 2020 in Denver, to take place May 25-28. Make plans to join us for this historic moment.

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is a freelance writer and book editor in Huntington, W.Va.


  1. Thank You Jesus! I will be praying for our new President and expecting God to do great things in our movement!🙏❤️

  2. Congratulations on your new position as president-elect over the Foursquare GOSPEL. Go forth!

  3. Congratulations to Pastor Randy Remington, congratulations to Pastor Glenn Burris Jr., congratulations to all Foursquare Global Family. Greater and Higher Heights to our movement in Jesus Most Exalted Name AMEN

  4. Randy, May God continue to bless your life with His personal connection. You will be missed greatly. We at Beaverton Foursquare have been so blessed to have had you for our pastor. God has bigger plans for you. Much Love and prayers for you and Sandy. The Tobey family

  5. Kindly looking for on line bible college to study and be equipted in the word if God

  6. Congratulations Foursquare Family, congratulations Glenn and Randy. We are all in this together by God’s grace. Amen.

  7. The Lord puts those in place that He has for His purpose. We believe He has done this and we support the Lord’s will. Congratulations. God be with You.

    1. Estou muito feliz com a eleição do novo presidente, Deus abençoe a Foursquare church, sou pastor da Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular aqui no Brasil e meu coração se alegrou com o novo presidente Randy Remington.

    2. I cannot agree less

      Receive God’s wisdom, great power and grace to conquer new territories and occupy new grounds – AMEN

      Once again, hearty congratulations to you sir

      Kayode ADELE
      Lagos, Nigeria

  8. Randy and Sandy are anointed for such a time as this. I am humbled to call them my Friends and Foursquare President.

  9. Congratulations to our international president and four square members all over the world. Greater service in Jesus name

  10. Congratulations to Rev Randy Remington. The good Lord will surely sed you through. Congratulations to All Foursquarian all over the world! Jesus is Lord.

  11. Congratulations preach d foursquare gospel message which is d message of our lord Jesus Christ
    God bless you our newly elected president
    God bless foursquare gospel church.

  12. Congratulations on your election as the president of the international foursquare gospel church. Randy Remington, I pray for an overflow of God’s grace and anointing upon your life for the the fulfillment of this great assignment in Jesus name.
    Philomena Akunne

  13. As in Acts 1, the lot fell on the person ordained by Jesus to partner in the birth of the church; in our present time, the lot fell on the person ordained by Jesus to take our denomination into the second decade of the 21 st century. In Acts, before the lot was cast the 120 were in prayer and after the lot was cast the Holy Spirit fell. May this be a prophetic sign for Foursquare and the days ahead.

  14. Congratulations. The Lord will give you auction to function.I pray for grace to be part of inauguration ceremony next year.

  15. Pst Randy it is the good work you have started that work for you. (Philippians 1:6). More Anointing. Congratulation Sir

  16. May the Lord keep and direct our new president. Amen. I love Foursquare movement. God be with us. Amen

  17. Prayers for pastor Tammy and family…thank God for their continued service! Prayers for Pastor Randy and his family during this transition and the years ahead–inJesus’ name.

  18. God answered our prayers by giving us a man of prayer, mission and the word. May his tenor bring FOURSQUARE to greater height in Jesus name. Amen.

  19. Congratulations to Pastor Randy family and all Foursquarian.

    May God bless you and be with your spirit, soul and body and make you blameless in all your ways in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

    We love you so much.

  20. Congratulations to both Burris Glen Jr. and Randy Remington. God wins. Burris Glen Jr. occupied and will continue to occupy a place in our heart, and we believe Randy Remington will not be different. Grace, power, wisdom, fruitfulness, and fulfilment shall attend your tenure in Jesus name.

  21. Congratulations to Pastor Randy! Praying for God’s wisdom and power for you and all His church…

  22. Pastor Randy, you will continue to wax strong and the responsibility that God placed in your hand shall not suffer. God Will shower upon you all the wisdom and power needed to move Foursquare to a greater height. During your time this family will not scatter it will rather expand and increase in size both physically and spiritually. You will not lose your focus. You will not disappoint God. Your anointing will never run dry in Jesus mighty name Amen. Congratulations from all of us in Hallelujah church, Foursquare Gospel Church under Dada Estate District Headquarters, Osun State, Nigeria . We will continue to pray for you.

  23. Congratulations to Pastor Randy. I pray that God will cause His abundant Grace to increase upon you and your family afresh and His wisdom shall be Yours for this Great task ahead. God bless you

    Stella Aboh

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