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Our hearts are burdened in the midst of the largest refugee crisis since World War II. As millions flee terror in the Middle East, they pass through the nation of Turkey, where some will remain while others continue to Europe and other nations.

Although we are concerned for all, we are particularly mindful of the vulnerable: children and seniors. As winter approaches, and many are seeking shelter in unsafe and unheated buildings, we want to help—and we invite you to join us in doing so.

The Foursquare Church in Turkey is the largest Protestant movement in that nation, and it is working with other movements and organizations to minister hope, and demonstrate care and love to all. Refugees are now being met at the border and in cities by our friends and family there.

Through your generosity to Foursquare Disaster Relief along with the assistance of other partnering organizations, Foursquare Turkey has been providing hundreds of thousands of meals, clean water, shelter and needed supplies. Pastors and workers in Turkey also have been able to pray with many and express God’s love through Jesus. Some of our European Foursquare works also are looking to reach out as refugees come to their nations.

But with so many refugees, and their numbers increasing daily, the need is overwhelming. We are asking for your help.

Followers of Jesus can engage this present need. The broken, the marginalized, the disillusioned, the abused, the forgotten, the misunderstood and those who think or believe differently than us. We can engage them with the love of Christ, the hope of the gospel and a hand of compassion. The plans of evil will ultimately drive people toward a door of hope. Let that be Jesus Christ.

Through partnership with The Foursquare Church in Turkey and Foursquare Disaster Relief, we as the church have the opportunity to get involved, and support our brothers and sisters as they care firsthand for Middle East refugees. We are calling this effort Project Sanctuary, in which Foursquare churches will take action as a force for hope for Middle East refugees. We are doing this through prayer, giving and partnership with our workers on the front lines.

On Sunday, Oct. 18, would you lead your church to join us in a global day of prayer for Middle East refugees? Also, would you consider taking a special offering to help buy food, blankets and shelter—to be distributed by our Foursquare workers—for those in need? We have included prayer points, a video and talking points to share with your congregation in Foursquare Disaster Relief’s Middle East Refugee Crisis Action Kit.

You’ll recall that, just a few months ago, during Foursquare Connection 2015 in Anaheim, Calif., we prayed for the Middle East and asked God to pour out His love on the people. Amid horror and tragedy, may people of the region find hope and sanctuary.

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Written by Glenn Burris Jr., president of The Foursquare Church; Tammy Dunahoo, vice president of U.S. operations and general supervisor of The Foursquare Church; Jim Scott, vice president of global operations of The Foursquare Church and director of Foursquare Missions International; and Ted Vail, director of international operations of Foursquare Disaster Relief and associate director of Foursquare Missions International.

served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.