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Editor’s Note: in January 2010, the Foursquare cabinet finalized and approved a presidential selection process. To download the finalized selection process, click here.

The last issue of Foursquare Leader provided information regarding the nomination process that will begin early in 2010. At that time, we made a commitment to keep you updated regarding the nomination process, which will lead to our electing a new president in 2010 in Atlanta.

This article will provide a brief overview of the selection process, and you will be directed to a link where you can access the entire selection process online. However, it is important to keep in mind that the process in only a proposal that the board of directors will present to the cabinet. The cabinet retains the sole responsibility of selecting presidential nominees and can obtain those nominees by any process it chooses.

The process will begin by each credentialed minister submitting the names of two ordained ministers to be considered for president. The accounting firm selected to process the nominations will submit to the corporate secretary an alphabetical list of the 25 most frequently submitted names of those who meet the criteria for serving as president. The cabinet will be given those names in the January 2010 meeting.

Additionally at the January meeting, each cabinet member will submit the names of two ordained ministers to be considered for president. The cabinet will then compile a final list of 25 individuals to be considered as presidential candidates.

A nominee review committee will be established, comprising one representative from each district and chaired by the corporate secretary, who will also be a voting member. This committee will tally the votes cast for nominees and will be the interviewing body for the nominees.

After receiving the list of the names of 25 people, ranked according to the number of submissions each received, the committee will pose standard questions to the nominees, beginning with the top-ranked individual. The committee will develop a list of seven individuals, who will then be interviewed by the entire cabinet at the March 2010 meeting.

At the March meeting, the cabinet will receive a list of the seven candidates to be interviewed; the nominees will be interviewed in alphabetical order by last name. At the conclusion of the interviews, cabinet members will begin voting by written ballot, and each ballot will contain the name of one and only one of the seven people who were interviewed.

In order to be placed on the official ballot as a candidate for president, an individual must receive two-thirds of the votes cast by the cabinet. The balloting process must be continued until a person has received that required number of votes; to choose subsequent candidates for president, the balloting process must be repeated.

The names of the two or three individuals who have been identified as candidates for president will be announced publicly by April 16, 2010. Before the vote is taken at the convention in Atlanta, a brief biographical video of each candidate will be presented. The vote will then be conducted as prescribed in the bylaws of The Foursquare Church.

Please remember that the process described here is only a proposal of the board of directors that will be presented to cabinet. The cabinet will make the final determination in regard to the process by which presidential candidates are selected.

Please continue to pray that God’s grace and direction will be with us during this process. We will continue to keep you informed as the process unfolds.

To read the full outline of the Presidential Selection Process, visit

To read about the 2010 Foursquare Cabinet Composition, visit


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