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1. The board of directors met as soon as it was notified of the president’s unavailability for ratification for a second term of office. The board has determined the following:

  • The nominee selection process can be completed by the next regular convention.
  • An interim president has been appointed pursuant to the bylaws.
  • Date(s) for convening of a meeting of cabinet to begin the presidential nominee selection process are being considered. Notification will be sent as soon as arrangements can be made.

2. As soon after the board meeting as practicable, the board shall effectively publicize to the ministers and congregations of the Foursquare Church the following:

  • The information regarding the president’s unavailability for ratification for a second term of office
  • The name of the person who will serve as interim president
  • An anticipated date for the meeting of cabinet to select nominees for president
  • The anticipated date for the election of a president at the next regular convention
  • Other information that will bring comfort and encouragement to the members of The Foursquare Church

3. As soon as meeting arrangements are made, the corporate secretary shall give written notice to the cabinet of the date, time, location and other details of the meeting at which they will select nominees for the office of president.

4. After the cabinet has met and made its nominations, the corporate secretary shall inform the ministers and congregations of The Foursquare Church of the names of the nominees and other relevant information concerning the nominees at least 45 days prior to the next regularly called convention at which the vote will occur.

5. At the next regular called convention a vote shall be conducted to select a president