The executive team

As the executive team and I head into the annual cabinet meeting next week in Glendale, Calif., I thought it would be helpful to understand what they do, the important integration of their roles and responsibilities, and how they serve alongside the office of the president.

The transition season allows our President-Elect Randy Remington to gain a broader picture of the office, and an orientation of how his task of leading with an “overall” leadership responsibility intersects with the current roles of the executive team. Every president shoulders the responsibility of shaping these offices to best serve the mission of our movement.

I want to celebrate the gifted, faithful, fruitful co-laborers to whom I have been privileged to both select and serve with. We meet together regularly, with purposeful times to pray for one another and our areas of responsibility, address our current realities, assess synergistic ways to move into the future, discern direction and decisions that will steward our responsibilities to the Lord, the Foursquare board of directors, and our national and global church family, address concerns that arise, and connect as teammates to better lead this tribe.

For this month’s update, I’ve asked each of them to give a little insight into their roles so that our whole family can better grasp the incredible scope of leadership and valuable partnership we maintain.

Read on to learn how your Foursquare executive team works with the president, and what the upcoming presidential transition means for each office.

Adam Davidson

Adam Davidson
Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Secretary

What does your role oversee?

The chief operating officer/corporate secretary (COO/CS) provides strategic leadership and ongoing direction for the inner workings, or gears, of The Foursquare Church. These key functions include:

  • human resources
  • properties
  • credentials and church operations
  • heritage and archives
  • legal and immigration specialists
  • communications
  • facility management including CrossPointe Conference Center and camps
  • information technologies and The Foursquare Hub
  • board facilitation
  • cabinet, executive council and convention business
  • accounting and planning
  • the selection process for the president, board directors and cabinet members

In partnership with the other executive officers, the COO/CS also helps to:

  • facilitate district administration
  • develop the annual operating plan and monitor relevant financial performance indicators
  • ensure that the organization operates efficiently at the highest standards both legally and ethically
  • align the organizational functions, roles and actions to the mission of The Foursquare Church

The COO/CS serves as an ex officio board director, cabinet and executive council member; is a member of nine board committees (two of which as the chairperson), and two subcommittees of board committees.

What does this transition mean for your dept/office?

We will work diligently to accomplish a smooth and orderly transition, making sure the new president is fully apprised of every aspect of the organization and has whatever is needed to lead the Foursquare movement into its God-ordained future. I look forward to continued partnership in fostering a healthy culture, maintaining the organization’s mission and values, facilitating the objectives recommended by the board of directors, developing communications and resources for our leaders, and cultivating the growth of The Foursquare Church through the Four-Stage Model.

Tammy Dunahoo
Tammy Dunahoo

Tammy Dunahoo
General Supervisor

What does your role oversee?

The general supervisor oversees the 11 districts focusing on the missional objectives, as well as many other responsibilities of the districts.

I am a part of the executive team and oversee the following:

  • National Church Office
  • Foursquare chaplains
  • CARE/CSR ministries
  • Foursquare education

My role partners with Foursquare Mission International (FMI) in:

  • multiethnic ministries
  • disaster relief
  • affinity networks

In addition, my office partners with operations in:

  • licensing, church registrations and closures
  • reporting
  • areas of legal, HR, and communications that relate to the local church and districts

Also, I serve as a member of 11 committees, the board of directors (BOD) and cabinet as well as the board of trustees for Life Pacific University and Life Pacific University-Virginia.

What does this transition mean for your dept/office?

I work directly with many incredible leaders in the office and on the field, and we will continue to stay connected to the president and in alignment with our decisions and any future vision. Currently, we are completing our plan of three-year objectives committed to the board of directors in 2017, and we are preparing our office to be nimble and agile for any needed transitions envisioned by the new president and the BOD. 

Ron Thigpenn

Ron Thigpenn
Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

What does your role oversee?

The chief financial officer:

  • oversees the finances of The Foursquare Church and all subsidiary organizations
  • provides monthly reporting to the president and BOD on ongoing results compared to the board-approved annual operating plan
  • oversees the accounting and planning, loan and insurance departments as well as Foursquare Financial Solutions (FFS) and the FFS loan fund
  • works with districts and local churches to provide financial analysis and counsel 

What does this transition mean for your dept/office?  

My office will work with the president and president-elect to provide any detailed background or contextual information that is needed to bring the president-elect up to speed on the internal operations of The Foursquare Church. We stand ready to answer any questions and make any needed changes to better serve the office of the president and BOD.

Ted Vail

Ted Vail
Director of Foursquare Missions International (FMI) 

What does your role oversee?

My role as director of FMI oversees Foursquare’s efforts to make disciples throughout all nations, planting the gospel, communities of faith and multiplying movements. This includes:

  • leading Foursquare missionaries around the world
  • serving U.S. churches in global ministry
  • serving as the official interface with the Foursquare global church
  • sharing leadership with the U.S. general supervisor and national team in serving Foursquare Disaster Relief, Multiethnic Ministry and Affinity Networks
  • communicating daily with leaders and departments regarding expansion strategies, personnel, non-US national movements, global opportunities (and threats), interdenominational/multi-agency partnerships, and discovering/developing ways to get more workers to reach more unreached people

What does this transition mean for your dept/office? 

The relationship between the U.S. Foursquare president and FMI is crucial to global advancement of the gospel. FMI stewards many roles and relationships throughout the world, helping to lead missions outreach, bridging cultures and communication between the U.S. and other nations. The U.S. Foursquare president plays a pivotal role in this; not only as overseeing leader of FMI but also as being viewed by many nations as the senior leader of the global Foursquare movement carrying a spiritual mantle that many leaders in other nations look to for direction, blessing, and even resolution in the midst of conflict.



  • March 4: Executive team meeting
  • March 9-12: Foursquare cabinet meeting in Glendale, Calif.
  • March 10: Aimee Semple McPherson Building dedication


  • Apr. 7-8: Executive team meeting in Los Angeles
  • Apr. 8: Staff chapel at the central office


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served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.