Randy Remington and Glenn Burris Jr.

There is a certain sound when you hit a baseball on the sweet spot of the bat. Sometimes the pitcher immediately leans over in pain, knowing the ball is headed out of the ballpark. While the pitcher and his team may groan, the batter and his team are usually ecstatic.

We are personally filled with joy and happiness when we find that sweet spot in life. I remember the feeling when both of our children were born. I also remember the time when it was right to release them to find their own way in life and be on their own for the first time, heading off to college. They survived and so did we. Debbie and I were so proud of their decisions and their maturity. When they got married, it was icing on the cake, and when they produced our grandkids, now that was the best.

Finding a sweet spot in ministry is definitely rewarding, but often can be evasive. It means being in the right place at the right time, serving in the right role. If you add being surrounded by the right team, that takes it up even another notch.

Debbie and I have felt a special grace and favor from the Lord during these past 11 years of ministry in this office. It has certainly not been without its challenges. But the victories have surpassed the challenges many times over.

But we also know that grace will be lifting. Just like John the Baptist said: “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less” (John 3:30, NLT). It’s the most freeing thing to know that you are in the Lord’s will by stepping back, as you were when you stepped forward. That will be our new sweet spot.

Debbie and I have felt a special grace and favor from the Lord during these past 11 years of ministry in this office. It has certainly not been without its challenges. But the victories have surpassed the challenges many times over.

Over the next months, I’m planning some strategic absences, so that Randy can get a feel for this role. He’s capable, has the confidence of our constituency and will need some time at the controls. I’m not abdicating my responsibility or my oversight, but it’s part of the process. Randy attended his second board of directors meeting in Long Beach, Calif., last month. Recently, he was at a very important meeting of National Church leaders, and I chose not to be there. It was a profitable time.

Board of directors meeting in November

At other times, he’s observing and asking really good questions. He’s weighing in on decisions that he’ll be stewarding. There seems to be no waste of process or decision making. It’s been amazing. We’re dreaming often and together about important things that will have huge impact on advancing the gospel through our movement.

Whether it’s parenting or pastoring, the goal is to prepare others for a future that is coming. That intentionality is just being responsible. It recognizes the reality of what is unfolding. All parents and pastors want those who follow them to experience greater success than they ever did. My greatest joy will be seeing this family we call Foursquare, nationally and globally, seize this kairos moment and be in the center of restoring broken people, rescuing lost ones and pushing back the darkness with the light of Jesus.

Enjoy your Christmas season. It came early for us, in the form of a gracious couple (Randy and Sandy), who have been anointed and graced for this season. I’m so excited about our future.

Angie Richey’s inauguration at Life Pacific University

By the way, you’ll hear directly from Randy in our next communique. We’ll also update you soon on some important direction with the Endowment Committee (formerly Foursquare Foundation), LPU (celebrating the inauguration of President Angie Richey), the Resource and Development Committee, and other critical advances regarding being on mission together.

Our theme for 2020 is “Compelled by Jesus.” Jesus is returning as King. It’s go time!

Upcoming Calendar Dates for the President-Elect

December 2019

  • Dec. 2-6: District supervisors meeting
  • Dec. 10-11: Executive team meeting in Los Angeles
  • Dec. 12: ICFG board of directors meeting
  • Dec. 13: Central office staff family day, Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Dec. 13: Christ for the Nations Institute graduation in Dallas, where Randy will be the commencement speaker
  • Dec. 23-Jan. 1: Central office and district offices closed

January 2020

  • Jan. 1-21: 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting
  • Jan. 6-8: Executive team meeting in Los Angeles
  • Jan. 9-10: Global Summit planning meeting in Los Angeles
  • Jan. 14-15: LPU-Virginia meeting
  • Jan. 16: ICFG board of directors meeting
  • Jan. 27-30: Global Leadership Summit and Synergize 2020 in Orlando

The central office is scheduled to relocate to the Angelus Temple campus in January, which will save a projected $3 million over the next five years.


Three resources Glenn Burris Jr. is enjoying this month:

  • Digital Babylon: Our Accelerated, Complex Culture, is a fascinating excerpt from Barna’s Faith for Exiles report on three trends that are shaping culture. Read it here.
  • Q Media streams all Q Conference talks from the past 15 years. These talks ask questions on how to engage culture and are great conversation starters. See Q Media pricing.
  • Commended to the Word is an app that provides excellent daily devotionals from Foursquare’s own Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D. Purchase the app.

served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.

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