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Trials in ministry should not defeat us, but motivate us.

God does not hide the fact that sooner or later in life we will face difficult situations.

In September 2017, I was diagnosed with cancer of the vocal cords. This was an unexpected trial. I immediately began the first of 28 radiation treatments, and for a period of four months, I lost my voice. I was not able to do what I love doing most: preach the word of God.

Like Paul, who lost his eyesight, God gave me resources to deal with this trial. One of the most powerful resources is the Holy Spirit, who prepares and guides us through the unexpected.

I found out three things during my trial:

  1. My daily prayer with God had been an investment, preparing me for the unexpected.
  2. My time alone with God helped me overcome fear and prepared me to face trials with an attitude of faith.
  3. A transformation by the Holy Spirit was taking place in my life and ministry, even before healing happened.

God chose to heal Paul through Ananias in Acts 9:15-17.

And three months after my diagnosis, I received news that my cancer had been eradicated.

The healing power of God works when we pray, and the Holy Spirit guides and transforms us through trials.

This Week’s Prayer Focus [5 in 5]

Personal Prayer

1. Lord, help me pass through trials. I place my trust in You.

2. Father God, reveal Yourself to me during trials. Be present in my life.

3. Holy Spirit, transform me with Your power when I go through trials.

Foursquare Focus

4. Lift up the volunteer leaders, teachers and ministry workers who keep churches running smoothly all summer. Pray for their lives to be enriched and blessed in their service.

5.  Ask God to provide rest and respite this summer for all pastors, so they may be recharged with the Word.

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is the senior pastor of Fuente de Vida Foursquare Church in South El Monte, Calif.