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​When it feels like the weight of the world sits on our shoulders, and people’s lives are affected by the decisions we make, the burden is often too great to bear.

We feel trapped in the endless cycle of assessing impacts and predicting outcomes as we navigate the issues of life in ministry. It causes stress, discouragement, anxiety and illness.

The truth is that God doesn’t ask us to have all the answers. God wants to lead us, and we waste valuable time when we don’t filter everything through His perspective. Let us not be caught leading ourselves with acquired knowledge, polished skill or natural ability.

Once they received the gift of the Holy Spirit, the disciples began to speak in other tongues (Acts 2:4), and they were led by the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:19-20, 13:2-4, 16:6-7).

We also have received this glorious gift, which should not to be set aside for special occasions. When we incorporate our heavenly language into everyday prayer, asking the Holy Spirit for interpretation, we will be led in all things by His love, His compassion, His humility and His wisdom, not our own.

Only then will the weight be lifted.

This Week’s Prayer Focus [5 in 5]

Personal Prayer:

1. Commit to seeking God first in every situation.

2. Pray in the Spirit every day, asking the Holy Spirit to lead you.

3. Praise God for the results, and ask Him to teach you more about walking in the Spirit.

Foursquare Focus:

4. Please pray that our Foursquare Connection 2018 speakers would be led by the Spirit of God as they prepare to share the Word with us.

5. Pray for our NextGen district representatives and leaders around the nation as they prepare for a mighty move of God in NextGen camps this summer.

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is an assisting minister at Iglesia El Calvario (Ontario Hispanic Foursquare Church) in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.