Stormie Omartian
Stormie Omartian

From the time my children were small I prayed for God to reveal to us what their gifts and talents are. Along with that I asked for wisdom as to how to best encourage, nurture, develop, and train them to be all God made them to be. Helping them to appreciate their strengths and not dwell on their weaknesses was part of that; and since this wasn’t easy during their teen years, it was a frequent focus of my prayers.

The biggest part of helping my son and daughter understand who God created them to be was encouraging their relationship with the Lord. I know they will never fully understand who they are until they understand who God is.

In the Bible where God promises to pour out His Spirit on our children, He says of them, “‘They will spring up among the grass like willows by the watercourses.’ One will say, ‘I am the Lord’s’; … Another will write with his hand, ‘The Lord’s’…” (Isa. 44:4-5, NKJV). These children will know who they are. They will be filled with His Spirit and have that inner confidence of knowing they are His. You will see a confident and radiant expression on the face of any child who can say with conviction, “I am the Lord’s.” Do you want that for you child enough to pray for it?

Reflect + Pray

1. Who in your life has served as a mother? Spend time thanking God for them, and let them know.

2. What children has God put under your care? (They may not be your biological children.) Pray specifically for each, and ask the Holy Spirit to give them wisdom and confidence.

3. Pray for all who are preparing to attend Foursquare Connection 2019—that the pastors and leaders would have adequate coverage for their responsibilities so that they can take time to be refreshed.

4. Please pray for guidance as we prepare to honor mothers at Mother’s Day services at Foursquare churches in the U.S. this Sunday.

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