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Angelus Bible Institute President Mario Barahona trains young people to become leaders in the church. Today, many of these leaders serve in ministry throughout the U.S. and in 20 countries, and Mario says what God is doing through them all began with the same mentoring he received when he was a young minister.

It’s a pattern of leadership development that Mario learned from his mentor, Dr. Raymundo Diaz, senior pastor of Angelus Temple Hispanic Foursquare Church. Mario says it all began when Dr. Diaz told him, “I am here to help you walk through life”—not merely teach him to pastor a church. Dr. Diaz’ guidance has made the difference for many leaders, either directly, as with Pastor Mario, or indirectly, through the influence of those he has mentored. The results are exponential and evident around the world.

This video tells the story and, more important, explains the philosophy behind the successful mentoring lifestyle Dr. Diaz has nurtured in those he has trained. Mentoring is not something he schedules, says Pastor Mario, but rather a major part of his life. Dr. Diaz sees mentoring as a father/son relationship.

Pastor Mario says that part of what Dr. Diaz showed him was that you can’t simply schedule friendships into your life when they are convenient for you. Instead, those you mentor must feel comfortable “dropping by your house” and spending time together if they hope to pick up any of the leadership qualities they admire in their mentors.

This process takes time and is viewed as impractical by many speakers and authors who focus on mentoring, says Pastor Mario. But the results speak for themselves. Dozens, if not hundreds, of young Foursquare leaders are experiencing fruitful ministry today because of the influence of their mentor, Dr. Diaz, and his lifestyle approach to reproducing healthy ministry leaders.

Watch the full video to learn more about how one person can make a big impact. A DVD that includes the story of Dr. Raymundo Diaz and other short stories from members of the Foursquare family is available for $39.


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