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It certainly doesn’t happen every day—neither does it happen every month or every year! I am pleased to announce a historic moment in our Foursquare family. Years of prayer, dialogue and vision have preceded this moment. We’ve been stewarding a dream that has now been realized!

Parkview Living: A Foursquare Senior Living Community is the fulfillment and result of the fruitful legacy of KFSG, the radio station founded by Aimee Semple McPherson. The center, which is funded by Foursquare Foundation Investments (not from our operations or tithe money), will provide a significant benefit—not only to our Foursquare family, but also to the city of Los Angeles. This practical answer for a very vital need has become a reality!

I could not have a better seat from which to watch this dream come true! Just outside my office window here in Echo Park, I’m able to view firsthand the day-by-day progress as the building takes shape before my eyes. I sent a letter to Foursquare pastors, as a first announcement and first mailing, to give them the good news that they are invited to dream with me. It also was an invitation for them to consider the potential of them or someone they know becoming part of this community as a future resident at Parkview.

God’s Word clearly directs us to embrace an “attitude of honor” for our spiritual fathers and mothers. Such a perception is a way of not only honoring God, but also worshiping and obeying Him. I am convinced the reason this building is under construction and nearing completion is because it is our DNA and consensus not only to profess our “attitude of honor,” but also to proclaim, through faith, our commitment to this higher call.

I want to introduce to you three significant people who are in key leadership positions for this project. Greg Campbell, executive director of Foursquare Foundation, has lived with this vision in his heart and mind for years. As the Lord graciously blessed us to be able to provide for worldwide ministry through a stream of revenue overseen by the Foundation, Greg saw the vision of providing a place for seniors as a mandate of faith. He has led the way to where we are today.

Greg’s wife, Tamara Campbell, and Rick Wulfestieg, former director of Foursquare Media and ForeRunners, are working side-by-side to help spearhead our communications and facilitate the Preferred Waiting List for those who would like to consider occupancy. You, being a part of our Foursquare family, have priority. A typical resident will be an active, independent senior, age 62 or older.

It is no accident that Parkview Living is in Echo Park, directly across the street from Angelus Temple, where The Foursquare Church began. Echo Park is the official location where Sister Aimee had the vision to begin Echo Park Evangelistic Association on Sept. 28, 1921, for the purpose of worldwide evangelism. How fitting and prophetically significant that Parkview Living is being established at this very location, which is so historic in our Foursquare heritage!

If you want to learn more about Parkview, or if you desire immediate contact about this opportunity, please call the Parkview Living office at 213.927.0002. You may also go directly to the Parkview website.

You will be hearing more soon and will have the option to join with us in upcoming events that will offer more information about this exciting project. There is great fruitfulness in our family! My letter was sent to “sound the trumpet,” so to speak, and to begin gathering us together in unity, vision and prayer. I am thankful and delighted to be the bearer of this good news. It is nothing short of a miracle that God has brought us this far, and He will take us forward, as 2 Corinthians 3:18 says, from “glory to glory.”

Download Frequently Asked Questions About Parkview Living (PDF, 360 KB)

By: Glenn C. Burris Jr., president of The Foursquare Church

served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.