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As I look at Acts 11, I am convinced that the Lord wants to impress upon us the importance of vision, because the first part of this chapter basically recounts the Acts 10 story of Peter’s vision on the rooftop.

Peter’s recounting the event was occasioned by the criticism of Judean believers who were aghast that Gentiles had received the gospel. Peter, who had been just as amazed at Cornelius’ rebirth, told the story in self-defense. The vision Peter received changed his life—and it changed the lives of all those in Cornelius’ household.

I believe that a vision from the Lord will change our lives so that we can help change the lives and destinies of those who have yet to hear the good news of our Savior. When we receive a vision, we can no longer stay safely cocooned in the comfort of the familiar. A vision from God will lead us to places we have not yet explored, but also to a place our Lord has ordained us to be. 

Jesus said, ” ‘I must be about my Father’s business’ ” (Luke 2:49, NKJV), and that business is redeeming lost people. Since He commended His earthly work to us, Jesus provides vision so that we can do the same works He did.

The Holy Spirit has pointedly made me aware that, at times, I am more concerned about my own preferences in life than about the lost men and women all around me.

My prayer today is that I receive a fresh vision from the Lord that will propel me out of my comfort zone and into His perfect will. A statement by M. David Sills in his book, The Missionary Call, jolted my heart as I read it: “I am haunted by the danger of living my life so that I will come to the end of it, look over my shoulder, and realize that I lived it in selfish comfort and convenience” (p. 176). 

May God open our eyes and enable us to see the world through His.

By: Sterling Brackett, vice president, chief operating officer and corporate secretary for The Foursquare Church

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serves as vice president of corporate affairs and corporate secretary for The Foursquare Church.