Gayle Samples
Gayle Samples

In Luke 24, we read about the distress several of Jesus’ disciples felt as they interpreted recent events surrounding His death as a complete loss and devastation of their hopes and dreams, the promise of the Messiah. Everything they learned and experienced seemed to fall horribly apart because they had a limited perspective.

This situation describes the despair we often experience when we feel something ripped from our hearts, our dreams and our very lives. We often see things and hear promises through our human perspective. As we read further in the passage, however, we see the complete restoration of their joy as they leaned in to their despair and vocalized their sorrow. They didn’t run from it. They became vulnerable and opened up. As the disciples pressed in and fully shared their hearts, holding nothing back, Jesus opened their eyes to His truth, His perspective.

May you be encouraged today as you lean in to whatever you may be facing and become vulnerable with Him. May God meet you where you’re at, show you His heart, His truth and fully restore your spirit.

“Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him” (Luke 24:31, NIV).

Reflect + Pray

1. Ask God to reveal points of disappointment in your life that might be due to a limited perspective on your part.

2. Ask God to reveal His truth and His perspective to you in this situation.

3. Ask God to give you safe people with whom you can be vulnerable, ones who will point you to Him and help heal your heart. In the counseling world, we often say that if the enemy used people to hurt you, God can use them to heal you.

4. Please pray as fall conferences continue this month in several districts. Ask the Lord to bless these gatherings and to give all involved a renewed sense of purpose and vision.

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is an associate professor and the chair of Human Development and Psychology at Life Pacific University, as well as executive director of Emmaus Road Christian Counseling in San Dimas, Calif.