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Developed by the Foursquare National Church Office (NCO) and Life Pacific College (LPC), FoursquareLink, The Foursquare Church’s new job connection platform, is now available online.

As The Foursquare Church extends its global influence, greater needs exist for qualified ministers and leaders to fill positions both in the church and the marketplace. FoursquareLink will connect job candidates with local church and business leaders who are part of the Foursquare Network. This includes LPC alumni, licensed and ordained Foursquare ministers, and students of Foursquare institutes and the Emerging Leader Network (ELN).

Until now, Foursquare leaders have had to rely on personal contact or word of mouth to learn about candidates or open positions. Developers of FoursquareLink say the job placement process is about to get much easier. Users can create a personal profile and password, and upload cover letters, resumes and additional documents to assist them in job placement. Employers can upload details about open positions that will be searched by qualified Foursquare ministers and leaders.

Because the Foursquare family will always value our personal connections, FoursquareLink will not replace the relational approach to ministry assignments. Instead, the platform offers a primary online system for posting and searching resumes and job opportunities.

Lisa Penberthy, NCO leadership education and training coordinator, believes FoursquareLink will be a central place for NCO and districts to “track our pipeline of available leadership” while offering local churches access to qualified candidates. She hopes FoursquareLink will offer a better solution to job placement, providing people with an online location to make the right connection.

Foursquare churches, districts, pastors and leaders can post opportunities and search for jobs by keyword and preferred Foursquare district. In addition to traditional jobs, users will also post available residencies, internships and opportunities for experiential learning.

A.J. Zimmermann, director of the office of calling and vocation at LPC, is co-developer of FoursquareLink. He says these non-traditional, innovative opportunities are “vital areas of potential growth” for students and job candidates. FoursquareLink helps connect young leaders and ministers with practical, hands-on opportunities through the Experiential Learning Module. Job seekers can add these experiences to their resumes on FoursquareLink.

“LPC has long been an established pipeline for emerging leaders,” Lisa says. “The college has always worked hard to identify students seeking placement as well as serving churches and ministries with positions to fill.”

New academic programs are being developed at LPC, and corresponding job opportunities will emerge through FoursquareLink, including positions in business, human development and psychology, communications and other degree programs in cooperation with Foursquare-affiliated leaders.

To assist job hunters, FoursquareLink features resources for resume building and cover letters. The resume builder allows Foursquare Network members to link professional networks, such as LinkedIn, to their FoursquareLink account and create resumes based on industry-specific standards. As users develop additional skills in their field of expertise, they will be able to update their resumes to reflect that growth.

After signing up with a personal login, users can easily create and update personal, academic and work experience in their individual profiles. They can post an open position or apply for jobs within a desired Foursquare district. Job posters can set expiration dates for the entry and receive reminders about open positions in the system. FoursquareLink will notify employers when resumes and applications have been uploaded for an available position.

Lisa celebrates the unified effort that made FoursquareLink possible, particularly the partnership between NCO and LPC.

“FoursquareLink is a natural next step to merge our shared need for placement as NCO, LPC, ELN and Bible institutes work together toward the same outcome,” she says.

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was an ordained Foursquare minister, Life Pacific University instructor and freelance writer.