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The Foursquare Church has launched its redesigned flagship web site to better serve leaders of The Foursquare Church. In addition, The Foursquare Church has launched a brand new site to serve lay people and introduce visitors to The Foursquare Church.

“Wow, the web site is great and something to be proud of,” said one California pastor. “It looks so good and is easy to navigate. Thanks for a job well done.”

The job took the better part of a year and involved the cooperation and coordination of a number of different ministries and departments. The new sites were posted at the end of 2005, but the job isn’t done yet. As with most web sites, and are works in progress. Corrections are being made, new features added and sections expanded in order to continually improve these sites and their ability to serve The Foursquare Church.
The main web site of The Foursquare Church is intended to communicate with, equip and connect Foursquare leaders. The site brings together almost a dozen separate web sites into one centralized site, incorporating sites for different ministries and services. It’s one-stop shopping for Foursquare leaders, making it easier for them to stay connected by visiting one central site, and making it easier and more economical for The Foursquare Church to maintain and update.
Designed to tell the Foursquare story and introduce people to The Foursquare Church, is Foursquare’s online home for lay people and visitors interested in finding out more about the denomination. The site includes articles and resources from Advance and Missions Advance magazines, a church locator and “I Am Foursquare” stories from regular people who attend Foursquare churches. Churches are encouraged to point their congregations and visitors to Any general links to should be updated to

Church Locator
Both sites have a church locator that lists every Foursquare church as well as districts and resource centers in the United States. The search can be done by district name, ZIP code or a keyword such as a city or church name. Changes, updates and additions to church locator listings can be made through Ezra, and updates can be reflected on the site as soon as they are made.

Comments and suggestions about the new sites are welcome and can be submitted through the contact form.

“I love it! I love it! I love it!” said one Texas pastor. “Thank you for putting up a web site that is friendly looking and one I’m now proud/glad to have linked to our web site. Way to go!”

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