Tammy Dunahoo + Wendy Nolasco

The Foursquare Church President-Elect Randy Remington and the board of directors have announced the appointment of Wendy Nolasco, MidSouth District supervisor since 2018, as Foursquare’s new general supervisor. She succeeds Tammy Dunahoo, who will continue on as vice president of U.S. operations, a role she held jointly with that of general supervisor for 11 years.  

De-coupling the two responsibilities Tammy has carried, effective Sept. 1, will allow for greater focus on key areas of concern for Randy as he succeeds Glenn Burris Jr. as president on the same day. As general supervisor, Wendy will be responsible for overseeing Foursquare’s 11 districts, while Tammy will center on leadership development and care, training and education efforts.

Formerly campus and executive pastor for New Life Church (Bakersfield Southwest Foursquare Church) in Bakersfield, Calif., where she helped oversee a staff of almost 60 on five campuses, Wendy became MidSouth District supervisor in 2018. A bilingual and bicultural licensed Foursquare minister since 2009, she and her husband, Sal, have three children and live in Austin, Texas.

Pam Wold, co-pastor of Living Way Foursquare Church in Little Rock, Ark., has been named interim district supervisor in Wendy’s place, effective Sept. 1.

A Foursquare presidential candidate last year, Tammy has served the church in multiple roles over the past 25 years, in addition to pastoring alongside husband Gary. The Arkansas District supervisor from 2003-2007, she was also director of Foursquare Women International from 2005-2009 and vice president of Women in Ministry Leadership in 2008-2009. She is also a member of the Foursquare board of directors and cabinet, and the board of trustees of Life Pacific University. 

Now based in Bella Vista, Ark., Tammy and Gary have been married for 40 years and have two children and three grandchildren—with a fourth grandbaby expected in November. 

Randy has called Tammy a “prophetic and purposeful leader,” stating that she has “contributed greatly to our missional effectiveness” as general supervisor and vice president of U.S. operations over the past 11 years, helping champion diversity, leadership development and organizational health. He acknowledges her “excellence and wholehearted devotion” in her dual role. The reorganization will enable her to focus on partnering with him in “shaping a culture of prayer, discipleship, and unity while working to integrate our educational, leadership development and ministry training efforts with an emphasis on NextGen and diversity,” he adds.

Wendy is “a tireless and mature leader who is committed to integrity, deep spirituality, personal excellence and passionate commitment to all things family and Jesus,” Randy says. He goes on to share that, “after a season of listening to the needs of the district supervisors, and prayer and fasting, I felt strongly in my spirit that Jesus was placing His hand upon Wendy for this next season to be the general supervisor.” Randy further explains, “her Spirit-led impulse and strategic thinking, as well as her empowering leadership, have earned the trust and confidence of all whom she serves and of those who serve with her.”

Tammy says that serving as general supervisor has been the highlight of her 39 years in ministry, working with the district supervisors as they have “reinvigorated church multiplication and church health and transformation in our movement, and lead with a heart to serve and move us forward.” As “a leader of leaders, strategic, and a relational networker,” Wendy is “the perfect fit for this next season,” Tammy adds. 

In regard to her new focus, Tammy says that she is “thrilled to step into this next season with Randy and the team as we listen intently to what the Spirit is saying to the church and move forward with prayer and confidence into these uncharted days.”

Wendy adds: “It is an honor and blessing to get to enter into the role alongside the supervisors and the culture Tammy has built. I am looking forward with anticipation to continue expanding the mission of Jesus together.”

Pam Wold

Pam Wold’s appointment as interim district supervisor for the MidSouth District follows her service there in a variety of roles, most recently as regional pastor to Arkansas and Oklahoma. In addition to local and district leadership, she has lent influence to a variety of Foursquare committees, including the executive council. 

A graduate of Life Pacific College (now Life Pacific University) and ordained Foursquare minister, Pam co-pastors with husband Ken. They have four adult children and four granddaughters.

Along with announcing the leadership changes, which were unanimously confirmed by the Foursquare board of directors, Randy asks for prayer for all involved. “Please join with us through the remaining months of summer as transition realities and needs are focused on,” he says.  

is a freelance writer living in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.