Dedicating the Aimee Semple McPherson Building

More than 200 people gathered on Tuesday to dedicate the new Aimee Semple McPherson Building (ASM Building), which includes the new Karl + Leona Williams Auditorium. The renovated ASM Building, located on the campus of Angelus Temple (AT), will house about 25 staff members when the move is completed later this month.

The service recognized the life and service of Sister Aimee, as well as the previous use of the land where the ASM Building is now located, which has included the AT Commissary, girls’ dorms at LIFE Bible College, an Angelus Temple family center, and WorldBase LA operated by Foursquare Missions International (FMI). “This ground has been sacred, sanctified; people were prepared for ministry right here and sent to the nations,” shared Ted Vail, vice president of global operations and FMI director.

Four large-scale murals, themed “Until All Have Heard,” were created by Kassie Matherne Voisin of Bourg, La., who was on hand for the dedication.

Rolf K. McPherson, Sister Aimee’s son, who was president of the movement for more than 40 years, intended to build a memorial to his mother on the very space where the ASM Building is now located. Celebrating that the building now honors Foursquare’s founder, President Glenn Burris Jr. noted: “We do memorials because this is a reminder not only to us but to generations to come, of the faithfulness of the Lord.”

President-Elect Randy Remington highlighted both his time living at the historic LIFE Bible College girls’ dorm with his wife, Sandy, as “dorm mom and dad,” as well as the importance of having the prayer life of Jesus. He wrapped up his time by honoring Sister Aimee’s priority for Jesus our Savior, Baptizer With the Holy Spirit, Healer and Soon-Coming King.

Several pastors celebrated how they have been using the return of the tithe for missional outreach, brought about through 10 years of Reimagine Foursquare efforts.

The time concluded with a blessing from District Supervisor Wendy Nolasco:

The Karl + Leona Williams Auditorium was dedicated to the founders of Foursquare Missions Press.

“God, we acknowledge that buildings are pictures of moments in the spirit that you are anchoring in a people. As a united people in this moment of history, the story that you’re telling throughout The Foursquare Church, God taking our history and pivoting towards our future, may we be relentless to pursue your son Jesus here on the earth in any way, in any shape, to reach all people with the gospel message. May this building be a picture to all who come through it, who inhabit it, who share it, who facilitate ministry from it—of the story that you’re telling through our lives. May we be a nimble people, agile, looking and discerning always to where you’re moving, and moving in that direction. Would you bless The Foursquare Church tomorrow, would you bless us for generations to come. God, may our sons and daughters and grandkids come to know Jesus because of The Foursquare Church. May it be so in the name of Jesus.”

The Foursquare cabinet took a break from meetings in the Los Angeles area this week to attend the event, including the executive team, board of directors and district supervisors. Also in attendance were the central office staff and pastors from Angelus Temple and Angelus Temple Hispanic.

The new office space, which is part of Reimagine Foursquare, will enable Foursquare to generate an additional $600,000 per year at the Rolf K. McPherson Building. Read more about how the move came about and where the savings will be redirected.

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