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The Foursquare Church

As a young teen, I had dreams and visions of serving the community.

I was called to ministry at age 15, and my passion was music. When things weren’t going right, I would go to the piano to worship my Father. That worship sustained me.

I met and married the love of my life, and we set out to win the world for Christ. When my husband passed away, I became lead pastor of our inner-city church. We spread the gospel to our community through a food pantry and outreach ministry.

In the last few years, the dreams and visions I had as a teen have come to pass—how amazing God is!

Acts 16:16-38 keeps me grounded and inspired. Paul and Silas were in chains, imprisoned, having been stripped and beaten. Yet, they continued to sing and worship God. Because of their steadfast faith, they were freed, and the jailer and his family became believers.

When we worship and praise God, even in our darkest moments, we make a way for a miracle. Now, in my 70s, I still sing and worship God because I have seen miracles happen.

This Week’s Prayer Focus [5 in 5]

Personal Prayer

1. Pray that pastors and ministers will have the strength to stay with the vision the Lord has placed in their hearts.

2. Pray for our congregations, that the noise of the world will be drowned out by the power of the Holy Spirit in hearts and lives.

3. Pray for our children/teens that their will be fresh vision come to them and that they would catch the fresh wind of the Spirit to bring revival to the world.

Foursquare Focus

4. Lift up those traveling to Los Angeles this month for missions training, including the new Emissary training, to create partnerships with U.S. pastors who will also serve globally. We pray for protection, strength and great fruitfulness from this time of development.

5. Thank the Lord for the freedoms we enjoy in this country, and ask Him to give our leaders and citizens wisdom, peace and a spirit of harmony as we celebrate this Independence Day.

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is the senior pastor of Terre Haute Foursquare Church in Terre Haute, Ind.