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Lolita Frederick, assisting minister
Victory Life (Ada Foursquare Church)
Ada, Okla.

One could say that Lolita Frederick literally grew up in the pulpit. At age 3, she began singing in churches and revival meetings. At 7, when her Foursquare minister parents moved to the mission field, she provided English/Spanish translation for visiting pastors. At 10, she taught Sunday school. All along she continued her music ministry.

“Having grown up in ministry, I knew from a young age, from personal experience as well as watching my parents, the joy it brings,” says Lolita, who now serves with her husband, Michael, both as assisting ministers, at Victory Life, a Foursquare church in Ada, Okla., the couple originally founded together in 1991. “It was a simple matter to follow God’s leading and continue on that same path, because I knew the needs and realized God had equipped me to meet those needs.”

If a need is present, this seasoned minister is there to meet it. In addition to her duties as an assisting minister at Victory Life, Lolita has worked in women’s ministry both at the local church and district levels; provided counseling; and been involved with various missions works.

Missions, in fact, has always been a passion for Lolita and Michael. The couple served in Mexico, Panama and Ecuador, and lived as missionaries with their four daughters for 20 years in Argentina. There they officially registered The Foursquare Church with the government; founded and co-pastored the central church; and assisted in church plants throughout the nation, to name just a few of their many responsibilities and opportunities.

For Lolita, ministry’s greatest joy has always been about people.

“I love people!” she told “Seeing the transformation of lives, watching spiritual growth happen, training them for leadership—it simply does not get any better than that!”

She has learned many lessons, surely, through the years. One of the most key was one she says she discovered more fully this past year, and it serves as an important reminder of how we are meant to live the Christian life.

“I am learning daily the complete peace that is mine by simply abiding in Him,” she shares, “not questioning, not worrying about outcomes; to never measure His love by my surrounding circumstance, but rather to interpret my circumstances through His love.”

is a credentialed minister and freelance editor living in Sacramento, Calif.