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Charlie Sattgast
Charlie Sattgast

As a Foursquare chaplain, I’ve long been intrigued by the story of Paul’s shipwreck in Acts 27. The powerful lessons in this passage apply well to pastors, and to other Christian leaders.

While the apostle Paul wasn’t a chaplain in his everyday ministry, he was thrown into a chaplaincy role on his voyage to Rome. In the course of 44 verses, we see God transform Paul from a prisoner with no authority and no influence into the de facto ship’s chaplain with no authority but huge influence.

Paul’s ministry of presence under the direction of the Holy Spirit brings wisdom and timely advice to people in authority, and encouragement to all. By the end of chapter 27, Paul is calling the shots for the entire ship and has saved the lives of nearly 300 souls, most of whom did not initially share his faith background.

Paul’s experience in Acts 27 is a great reminder that the Holy Spirit isn’t limited to the walls of our churches. Wherever God sends you today, He is ready to use your life to bring His kingdom into the public domain.

This Week’s Prayer Focus [5 in 5]

Personal Prayer

1. Ask God to expand your influence through your ministry of presence in the public domain.

2. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you favor, wisdom and words of insight for the people He brings into your life outside the walls of your church.

3. Please say a prayer of blessing over our Foursquare chaplains who labor in military, hospital, hospice, prison, police, fire and specialized chaplaincy.

Foursquare Focus

4. Lead your church to pray for chaplains serving around the world, and download a Foursquare Chaplains prayer guide here.

5. Ask the Lord to guide and orchestrate interactions with all the seekers who will be coming into the church this Christmas season. Pray they would be drawn in by the faith they see.

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is chief of chaplains for Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary in Portland, Ore.