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The following is a part of our weekly devotional series, which is a companion to the 2013 Foursquare Life Journal. This week’s Bible reading comes from Ps. 100 and 102; Isa. 8-21; Hosea 13-14; Micah 1-7; and Heb. 5-11.

I would describe myself as a faithful person. I have been married to my husband, Tim, for 26 years, and together we’ve raised three children who are now adults. I’ve worked in the same area of expertise for more than two decades, and if you’ve met me more than twice, you are most certainly considered a lifelong friend.

In my role as a district administrator, however, I would not describe myself as “faith-filled.” I can outline the three most efficient ways a particular task should be accomplished, but more often than not, those choices do not include the definition of faith we read in Heb. 11:1: “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (NIV).

When reading Hebrews 11 recently, the “great examples of faith” chapter, I was challenged by the thought that I did not believe I would find my life reflected in the text. Thus, using a tool I learned long ago, I began reading the scriptures and inserting my name in place of each personal noun. The reading and my thoughts went something like this:

Verse 5: It was by faith that Kelly was taken up to heaven without dying.

Not yet.

Verse 7: It was by faith that Kelly built a boat to save her family.

A possibility, I suppose, someday.

Verses 8-9: It was by faith that Kelly obeyed when God called her to leave home and go to another land that God would give her as an inheritance. She went without knowing where she was going. And even when she reached the land God promised her, she lived there by faith—for she was like a foreigner, living in tents. And so did Brennon, Kaelyn and Braden (her children), who had inherited the same promise.

Absolutely, that’s me! I’ve done that! My life is described in the biblical narrative of those who exemplified great faith.

It began in August 2001. One month after having heard God’s call to “go,” our family left behind all that was familiar and comfortable after years in Southern California to embrace life and ministry in a new setting: Christiansburg, Va. We loaded our belongings in a moving van that was headed for storage, because we had not yet procured a home. And although it was not literally a tent, we set up a church member’s camping equipment in an empty home and began living the new life as foreigners.

During the next six year,s the call to “go to the ends of the earth” was repeated two more times as our family relocated first to Olympia, Wash., and then Portland, Ore.

Each of those transitions had their challenges, but looking back today, I am blessed to see the faith-filled life I was indeed living. I had faith that God had deposited something in my life that others needed. I had faith that our family’s physical needs would be met. And of primary importance, as a mother, I had faith that my children, who had also inherited the same call to “go,” would become faith-filled as they pursued their personal God-given promises and live faithful lives poured out in service to the King.

As you go forth this week and encounter those across the street, across town or around the world, are you filled with faith that what you hope for will actually happen? If not, be encouraged by Heb. 10:23: “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful” (NKJV).

May the reminder of His faithfulness cause your faith to increase!

By: Kelly Mossholder, district administrator for Foursquare’s North Pacific District

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