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Paul Risser, pastor, speaker and former president of The Foursquare Church, guides readers through page after page of miracles that are but snapshots from his almost 40 years of ministry experience in An Eye for Miracles: Be Surprised by the Hand of God. Through this “photo album,” the author parallels his love of photography with noticing the miraculous workings of the Lord in everyday life. He tells readers that gaining an eye for the miraculous is like developing a photographer’s vision—people simply see things differently with a camera in hand. Pastor Risser asserts that God can surprise all of us with life-changing intervention, in ways both large and small.In an easy-to-read style, the beloved pastoral leader shares bite-sized accounts that capture years of ministry from all over the world. “In the Nick of Time,” for example, gives readers a view of an instance that occurred while attending a Foursquare convention. While driving, Pastor Risser noticed a young couple on the street. He heard the Lord, in his heart, direct him to give the couple $100.

He resisted for a time, reasoning and bargaining with God, but then noticed the couple was having an intense conversation. He finally obeyed and pulled over to give them the money. They testified that it was their first time at convention, and they were just entering the ministry. His gift to them came just “in the nick of time,” as an answer to their prayer; they had to return home the very next day, which was 500 miles away, and they had no money left for gas or food.Every believer would benefit by reading this inspirational volume. Pastors will be well served by absorbing these short, but power-packed, accounts of God’s hand on the lives of His people in many different situations and seasons of life.The accounts themselves would be very useful for sermon illustrations on many different topics. The book would also lend itself well for use as a point of study on missions, prayer, miracles, the power of the Holy Spirit, healing, faith and finances.


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