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King Saul summoned for the Ark of the Covenant as Israel waged war against the Philistines. He assumed it would guarantee them victory; it proved just the opposite. The Ark was captured by the enemy and Israel was soundly defeated.

When David became King of Israel, he retrieved the Ark of the Covenant from the house of a priest. It had been gathering dust for years, but David had come to believe that having the presence of God meant more than the King’s honor or more than the favor of others. In fact, as he led the Ark back into Jerusalem with dancing, his wife Michal scorned him.

Sometime during Babylon’s siege of Israel, the destruction of the temple and taking of the Jews into exile, the Ark disappeared. Even as Herod finished building the second temple, the Holy of Holies was void of the Ark. Rumor has it that Harrison Ford will keep making sequels of Raiders of the Lost Ark until he finds it. Good luck!

These famous leaders remind us of these key principles:

  • Lead casually … and you have the potential to end up as a casualty.
  • Become cynical … and you have the potential to end up barren.
  • Worship in spirit and truth unashamedly … and you have the potential to end up with great favor and influence.

… Something to think about.

By: Glenn Burris Jr., general supervisor

served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.