Glenn Burris Jr.
Glenn Burris Jr.

Are you presently on a journey and struggling waiting for God’s voice to tell you what will be? Remember the Israelites, and consider the following.

The Lord God rescued the Israelites. He provided resources for every day of their journey. He established a relationship with them by protecting them from every enemy and threat, as well as by visibly showing His presence day and night.

Still, they doubted Him. So, the Israelites spent 38 years wandering.

God will always do His part—but whether you advance into your promised future depends on your willingness to take risks, to trust His promises and to contend for all that is yours in Him. These are all actions and all expressions of your faith.

Reflect + Pray

1. How are you taking action today to walk in faith? Prayerfully consider what opportunities the Holy Spirit is asking you to lean into.

2. Where is the Lord asking you to trust? Ask God to help you yield to Him—and for His grace in the waiting.

3. Pray for those in your community who are languishing in seasons of waiting.

4. Pray for Foursquare pastors and churches to draw people in toward the heart of Christ as we begin the Easter season.

Share your thoughts. See comments below, and add your own.

served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.


  1. It’s not fun but I am in waiting and I shall until God speaks to me through His Holy Spirit

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