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Sharon and Art Snow

I believe every group that comes to Washington, D.C., leaves an imprint that enhances either the heavenly or demonic principalities that rule over the city.

My husband, Art, and I lived and pastored in the D.C. area for 11 years, and we loved every minute as we ministered to, and prayed through, the capital city of our nation. In the mid-1990s, we helped lead a March for Jesus that ushered in 17 days without a murder or violent crime in a very violent section of the city. What a distinct imprint.

That’s why I’m excited to join Foursquare Connection 2017, May 29–June 1, as the lead volunteer of the greeting team. I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone to convention—whether in person or by watching from home online at Connection Live—and I encourage all Foursquare pastors and church leaders to join me in praying for this historic event.

As I think of us gathering in D.C., I pray for our imprint to be huge and long-lasting. I pray we would put our political differences aside and join together as the body of Christ to display His glory and splendor in a magnificent way. I pray we would live, out loud, a biblical standard that would resonate and reverberate throughout every corner of the capital, influencing every server, clerk, hotel employee and anyone else we would encounter during our time together.

I pray we would live the fruit of the Spirit loudly; live patience if our food is late or our order wrong; live peace when there is conflict over our room or bill or other charges; and live love when we encounter people who are different than we are in political view, color, race, gender-identification or social status.

Despite our spiritual gifting and our favorite, go-to scriptures, I pray we would embrace a full biblical view and live that full view with all the grace, mercy and love Jesus can fill us with while not disavowing who Jesus created us to be to fulfill our purpose on the earth. I pray we would engage the Holy Spirit, as Jim Hayford taught me, asking Him to give us whatever supernatural gift is necessary in the moment to bring glory to the Father.

With that in mind, I pray for miracles of healing, words of wisdom and words of knowledge as we engage hotel staff and others we meet, even people on the street, so they will be touched for Christ’s sake and come into relationship with Him, either for the first time or to recommit their lives to Him. I pray for miracles of faith as we step up and obey the voice of the Lord in every situation we will face as we move about the city. I also pray for discernment, so we will know the spirits with which we deal, and then wisdom to know how to respond appropriately.

I pray for us to leave behind the parts of our Foursquare DNA that spark revival and promote family relationship, unity and the legacy of miracles that have followed our movement from our beginning. May we tap into the wells dug by Aimee Semple McPherson when she traveled through this city more than 75 years ago, and may we build, with our very presence, a conduit to take those deep waters, through us, into our capital city. I pray the conduit we build will provide spiritual nourishment to the city for decades to come.

Last, I pray that, although we come to fellowship, do family business and have some fun, we will fully embrace our divine purpose to bring Jesus to Washington, D.C., and assist Him in whatever He has planned for our time together. May we leave the city better for our presence there.

We created this Prayer Passport for those attending Foursquare Connection 2017 in Washington, D.C., but you can also follow along from home. Download the Prayer Passport and join us in prayer.

Download the Prayer Passport

is co-pastor of Chestnut Street Community Church (Roselle Foursquare Church) in Roselle, N.J., with her husband, Art.

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