Glenn Burris Jr.
Glenn Burris Jr.

In the accounts of Jesus and Jonah, there are parallels worth noting.

Both leaders journeyed in boats overtaken by a storm (Mark 35:41; Jonah 1:4-9). The descriptions of the events that followed are almost identical. Both Jesus and Jonah were sleeping, and in both accounts, the other sailors woke up their sleeping companion fearful they were going to die. In both cases, there was a miraculous, divine intervention, and the sea calmed. Furthermore, in both stories, the sailors then became even more terrified afterward than they had been before the storm calmed.

Jonah’s reluctant sermon after the storm moved an entire city to repent (Jonah 3). Jesus’ message after the storm changed the world. Jonah emerged alive from the belly of a whale after three days. Jesus emerged from the tomb after three days with a resurrected body.

These are two almost identical stories, with one important exception: Jonah was fleeing from the Lord’s will, while Jesus perfectly aligned Himself with it.

All leaders face storms. But not all leaders emerge with their reputation intact. Leave a legacy that honors God and blesses others.

Prayer & Reflection

1. What storms are you facing? Ask God to give you willingness to submit to His Will in these tough circumstances.

2. How do you bounce back from storms or trials? Pray for resilience, and ask God how to encourage that spirit in your congregation.

3. Thank God for the trials you experience (James 1:2-4), and ask Him for patience and perseverance as you wait on Him.

4. Pray for Foursquare’s fall district conferences as they conclude this month. Ask the Lord to help all attendees to head home with renewed energy for the coming year.

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served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.


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