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Marcus Ellington

We are committed to the Great Commission. We are committed to raising up the next generation. What we need now are bridges that bring these two together. The Great Commission, and the resulting harvest, includes neighbors, nations and generations.

The next generation is its own form of mission field. Our NextGen is the harvest that Jesus said is ready for workers. It’s interesting that Jesus told us to notice the harvest, and not to overlook any part of it. It would not make sense for a farmer to harvest only a portion of the crop and ignore the rest. Similarly, we must not reap a part of the spiritual harvest by focusing only on those we feel “called to reach.”

“Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of each generation, and let God use your generation to disciple the next.” —Marcus Ellington

Generations are never too far apart to share themselves with others. Don’t worry that you may not use the same vernacular. You don’t need to dress the way they dress. It’s even OK if you dislike their choice of music. Be bold and step out of your comfort zone.

When I look at the next generation, I see people who are hungry for relational discipleship. Many are without fathers, mothers or positive role models in their lives. Influence them by your investment of time spent with them.

The Great Commission never changes. The gospel never changes. However, every generation has its own unique quirks and appearances. Rather than conforming to one generation’s look, let’s celebrate the uniqueness of each generation, and let God use your generation to disciple the next.

This article was written with Rod Light.

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