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Foursquare pastors, leaders and church members are invited to join the entire Foursquare family on a trip through the Bible in 2013. This past year, we walked through the Gospels, reading “on the spot” reports of Jesus’ life and ministry. As we look toward 2013, we anticipate a meaningful collective journey through the entire Bible, using the Foursquare Life Journal as a travel guide.

Each Foursquare minister will receive a free journal, which is designed to enhance both individual and shared experiences in God’s Word. By using the Life Journal, our Foursquare family members will experience the same daily devotion and prayer plan. Further, the weekly prayer emails will focus on the rich insights various individuals glean from their time spent in the Word. This collective experience in the Word will cement a spiritual bond between us as members of the Foursquare family.

If writing with paper and ink is not your strong point, try the online version of the Life Journal. If you want to expand the journaling experience to include small groups or an entire congregation, additional copies are available in a variety of designs. Orders may be placed  by calling 1.877.755.9555.

Get ready for the trip! Lots of exciting adventures lie ahead as we experience the entirety of God’s Word together.

Are you looking for just the reading plan pages? Download them here (PDF, 80 KB).

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