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Kids, teens and college students are getting ready to go back to school—or have already started classes—as are a lot of adults who are furthering their education.

It’s that time of year for new clothes, new books, making new friends and getting used to new teachers, not to mention homework and a lot of late-night studying.

How many schools and teachers are there in the U.S.? How many of those are Foursquare? And how much does it cost to attend a private college compared to Foursquare’s Life Pacific College?

These questions and more are answered in our new Infographic, along with a fascinating look at the history of Foursquare’s educational involvement.


Download this new infographic to find out more:

Back to School Infographic in English (PDF, 205 KB)
Back to School Infographic in Spanish (PDF, 1 MB)

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