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First, I want you to know how greatly I thank and praise God at the prospect of your trip, and the expectation I have for our joyous participation together, both in travel and at convention! This will be my 34th trip to Israel, and I am as thrilled at the prospect as at my first time!!

As with travel in any part of our present world, individual care and decision-making are essential on each of our part. This advisory is being sent to assure you of our care for you, our responsible quest to inform you, and that you and your group understand the following:

1.     We have taken every measure to inquire with well-experienced sources in Israel and the Middle East so that our plans to travel there are not encumbered by any greater risks than normal in global travel today.

2.     It is important that you examine the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Web site, located at It is best suited to provide official word in the interest of U.S. Citizens traveling outside our country. As each one of us decides where and when to travel, we each make our own decisions based on as much information as we can gain.

3.     Many of us have contacts with Christian leaders or others living in Israel and it may be helpful for you to contact them in advance of your travels. Travelers are encouraged to contact their travel agent if they feel concerned, as they oversee circumstances surrounding your sites and travel. (If traveling with Inspiration Cruises & Tours, contact them directly at 800.247.1899. Others contact your own tour agency.)

4.     Once in Israel, the guides and drivers, as well as the operators whose businesses provide travel, touring and accommodations, are watchful concerning any developments within Israel that could at any time recommend caution or alteration of daily plans. We recommend that everyone check with these on a daily basis while in the country.

This summary is not to frighten any of our family, but it focuses needed wisdom and thoughtfulness by each individual and each group leader. Even in our own nation, travel today requires a watchfulness, and we each make our own choices—wisely recognizing our responsibility for our own safety.

Above all, whether in our country or abroad, we have God’s promise of His overseeing watch-care (Psalm 91:11). Further, the Holy Spirit will lead and keep us as we walk responsibly in practical wisdom, for a safe and fulfilling trip.

Excited to meet you in Jerusalem!

PS: It is recommended that all travelers arrange their own insurance as most accident liability can be covered. However, contrary to misinformation earlier communicated, INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR TERRORISM IS NOT INCLUDED AND IS VIRTUALLY UNAVAILABLE.

(1934-2023) was the former president of The Foursquare Church and founding pastor of The Church On The Way.