Australian wildfires

The Australian wildfires have been ravaging its landscape since late July and, devastatingly, show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) is mobilizing in partnership with Foursquare Australia to bring relief and funding to mitigate the already widespread damage. We are calling on the entire Foursquare family to join these efforts by interceding for rain to put an end to the fires. FDR also needs your financial support; we have the opportunity to partner with our more than 80 Australian Foursquare churches to assist those suffering massive losses.

Pray With Us

  • Pray that the forecasted thunderstorms keep on track for later this week to extinguish these widespread and out-of-control fires. 
  • Pray for the health and safety of Australian Foursquare church members and leaders as they face this devastation in their country.
  • Pray for our Foursquare Disaster Relief team as they organize and send aid.
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