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It is 5 a.m., and I’m off to the airport to speak at a youth outreach in the northern area of Indonesia. I am full of expectation about what the Holy Spirit will do, and I believe it will look like something straight out of Acts 2. Let me share with you why I have such high expectations.

Last Wednesday, I was speaking to a group of 1,000 Christian Indonesians between the ages of 11 and 16. We were in a community largely populated with Muslims, and I could see seven different mosques from the front door of my hotel.

At the end of the teaching, I asked these young people how many of them had been filled with the Holy Spirit and were living with God’s power on a daily basis.

Only a handful responded affirmatively. I was shocked.

When I invited them to the altar for prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit, hundreds of them came forward! In front of my eyes, nearly 1,000 young ones received the baptism with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with other tongues.

It seemed to me to be something that you would only read about from Azusa Street or the early days of Angelus Temple. The Holy Spirit swept over the whole place, and these young people just started dropping everywhere and praying in the Spirit.

In my life I’ve seen just about every kind of miracle, but watching the Lord touch these precious Indonesian young people with His love and power has to be a new high point for me.

After experiencing this incredible occasion, I reflected again on Acts 2:1-6. I realized anew that to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be full of God to reach others.

The Lord reminded me that the Holy Spirit gives power to the church when we come together in unity, in prayer and with a common hunger for the Lord. God fills people who expect His touch, and then He uses those people to spread His touch to others.

The promise of Acts 1:8 is that we will receive power that will enable us to reach people from the very ends of the earth. The power that was released on that historic Day of Pentecost was not just for those believers. They were given power in order to win the lost from all nations. And they did.

Wherever the Holy Spirit is pouring out His power—in Jerusalem or Indonesia or maybe even in your town—He intends for His power to equip us to win people everywhere, in every language and nation, to Him.

Allow your hunger for the Lord to move you to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then go. Reach the nations for God.

By: Jerry Stott, Foursquare South Pacific area missionary
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