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In Acts 15, Peter, Barnabas and Paul told of the wonderful things they had experienced in the name of the Lord, and those present listened intently. Then, James stood up and took his turn. He reminded them that Peter had already told them of God’s plan to visit the Gentiles, and also that the prophets of old had predicted this would happen.

“Everyone listened quietly as Barnabas and Paul told about the miraculous signs and wonders God had done through them among the Gentiles. When they had finished, James stood and said, ‘Brothers, listen to me. Peter has told you about the time God first visited the Gentiles to take from them a people for Himself. And this conversion of Gentiles is exactly what the prophets predicted. 

” ‘As it is written: “Afterward I will return and restore the fallen house of David. I will rebuild its ruins and restore it, so that the rest of humanity might seek the Lord, including the Gentiles—all those I have called to be mine. The Lord has spoken—He who made these things known so long ago” ‘ ” (Acts 15:12-18, NLT).

These apostles prove to be good examples for us, as they declared what God did through them. They made sure to give God the glory for what He was doing. I believe what Jesus is showing me in this passage is that God’s Word will come to pass. When it does, I cannot and should not take the credit for it.

I would be first to admit a tendency to leave God out of the picture; especially when I do something wonderful and I want a pat on the back. I may not do it on purpose, but somehow I forget to give Him the credit for all that I do in His name.

I know that the longer we do church, the easier it is to think this way. But, in reality, I’m so far from knowing it all. His Word is the ultimate test of truth, and we should always evaluate what we do in His name according to what is written in His Word.

“Lord, thank you for gently showing me that it’s not about me. Please forgive me for the many times I’ve taken the credit and left You out by not saying anything about You. You are the one who does the miracles. It’s all about You. I’m so glad You chose me and still love me, no matter what. Amen.”

By: Alex Pacheco, district supervisor of Foursquare’s Hawaii District

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