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Nameless and malnourished, a small boy, around 3 years old, cried in the streets of Cambodia. He could not speak or walk, or care for himself. He could only scoot along the ground and cry.

The tearful child seemed to be looking for his parents—who were nowhere to be found. Apparently, the child had been with two adults earlier in the day who had been arguing and causing quite a commotion. When they went their separate ways, the child was intentionally left behind.

But God had a plan for this little boy’s life.

Near a busy roundabout, a Cambodian lady was tending her fruit stand and selling coconuts to those who passed by. She couldn’t help but notice the weeping toddler scooting along the streets and gutters near the city monument.

By the end of the day, the fruit merchant decided to take matters into her own hands. She picked up the child and began to comfort him. A nearby taxi driver remembered that The Foursquare Church operates a children’s home just one kilometer down the road. The fruit merchant ensured the child made it to the home in hopes that they could save his life.

Dr. Kong Rolina, staff pediatrician at a Foursquare Children of Promise (FCOP) Cambodia children’s home, worked tirelessly to nurse the boy to health. Although the boy was thought to be about 3 years of age, he functioned as a one-year-old child.

Other orphans in the home decided to name their new little brother Nazareth Kong—Nazareth, after the place where Jesus ministered; and Kong, after the doctor who helped to save his life.

It would take eight years before Nazareth could walk without falling over if bumped or jarred. The staff diligently provided physical therapy, gently massaging his legs every day, skillfully nursing him to health, and patiently teaching him to walk and talk.

Now, Nazareth is a young teenager. He is tall and strong, and loves to run and play sports. He is one of the cleverest boys in his grade, and can carry on intelligent conversations in both Khmer and English.

Nazareth has a bit of a mischievous edge. He is a natural born leader and creative little businessman, who once was caught charging neighbor children a fee to use the church playground. But, most important, Nazareth has a heart to do right and to please the Lord. When he is corrected, he is repentant and continues to improve his character.

Nazareth also is a gifted musician, singing with passion and precision, blessing church members with special music.

It may have taken years for him to overcome the physical challenges of being abandoned, but his life was changed almost instantly by the love of Jesus Christ that was demonstrated by the staff of our FCOP Cambodia children’s homes.

Nazareth was saved because a Foursquare church operated a children’s home just one kilometer down the road. We are all so thankful!

It has been said that when you change a child’s life, you change the world. Today, Foursquare workers around the world care for a total of 4,162 orphans in homes like the one where Nazareth discovered his future.

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By: Jim Scott, vice president of global operations and director of Foursquare Missions International

is the former director of Foursquare Missions International.

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