Randy and Sandy Remington

For over 30 years, Randy and Sandy Remington have been partners in life and ministry. Now, as Randy takes on his role as president of The Foursquare Church (U.S.), this couple will take on one of their most significant ministry roles yet. Here is a quick glimpse into life with the Remingtons.

How did you two meet?

Sandy: We met at Camp Crestview during a junior high school summer camp. Randy was the camp speaker, and I was the girls dean. He looked so young, I thought he was one of the campers!

What is something you would like the Foursquare family to know about each of you?

Randy: Sandy embodies the word “kind.” Her impulse is to believe the best about you and look for the best in you. She is a deep thinker and processor, steady in her temperament and a romantic at heart.

Sandy: I would want them to know how deeply Randy loves and cares about them as individuals. He is truly seeking the Lord so that He can serve them in a meaningful way, and with the power of the Holy Spirit. He is approachable, funny, humble and compassionate.

You’ve been married for over 30 years and have three sons: Joseph, Sam and Thomas. Tell us about them!

Sandy: Joseph (26) is a thinker. He is kind, adventurous, has a dry sense of humor and is a golf fanatic like his dad. Sam (24) is creative. He is compassionate, joyful, puts others first and has the ability to think outside the box. Thomas (21) is entrepreneurial. He is observant, caring, loves to laugh and works well with all kinds of people. 

How do your sons feel about your new role change?

Randy: Our sons are primarily launched into their lives, so the change isn’t directly impactful for them, but they are happy for us and are committed to our new family dynamics.

What are you still adjusting to and trying to work out as a couple and as a family?

Randy: We were pastors for 28 years of our married life, which allowed for some consistency in our weekly rhythms. In this role, it seems that every week is different, and with that comes the opportunity to figure out how to establish some fresh and flexible ways to prioritize and maintain the most important things in our lives and relationship.

Sandy: Everything feels a little unsettled, but it’s always good when things get stirred up because we’re reminded that God is the rock that doesn’t shift or change.

“My prayer is that we would have strong faith to believe God for a future that is full of kingdom reality and expansion in every sense of the word. I don’t see a lack of leaders, provision or opportunity—I see a God-ordained future.” —Randy Remington

Your farm in Beaverton, Ore., must be a great place of refuge, especially in the middle of this time of transition. Tell us more about it.

Randy: Our little farm is a gift from God and the fulfillment of a dream that we had since we were first married. It has become our quiet place of refuge and renewal even as we enjoy many visitors and get to engage with our surrounding neighbors. The hope for the future is to raise a few steers and possibly a hog or two. My wife would love a horse!

Do you plan to remain in Beaverton?

Randy: Yes. We are grateful for the decision that the board of directors made prior to the election process that allows for the president to live outside of Los Angeles and thus, the ability to stay rooted in our community where we have been planted for the past 17 years. The primary requirement is that we live near an international airport, which we do.

Although the role requires lots of travel, many meetings are already facilitated through video and phone conference calls. Through email, texting and conference calls, the executive team stays in continual contact even as we currently live in five different states. I do intend to be in Los Angeles as much as possible in order to best serve our L.A.-based staff and teams. Currently, the desire is to spend up to 10 days per month in L.A.; there is housing available near the central office to facilitate those stays.

What is your prayer for Foursquare during this season of transition?

Randy: My prayer is that we would have strong faith to believe God for a future that is full of kingdom reality and expansion in every sense of the word. I don’t see a lack of leaders, provision or opportunity—I see a God-ordained future. My prayer is that our faith would rise to the level of God’s ability and boldly lay hold of all that He has purposed for us in this next season.

Sandy: My prayer is that we would truly be unified in prayer and purpose. That we would find deep joy in celebrating our unique reflections of God’s grace, and sacrificially give of ourselves to see God’s plan accomplished in our brothers and sisters.

Let’s talk about favorites. Sweet or savory?

Randy: Salty. I was raised on Midwest comfort food. I’m a meat and potatoes guy—and gravy is a food group!

Sandy: Sweets in the morning (chocolate chip cookies), savory at night (popcorn).

Coffee or Tea?

Randy: Black coffee. Coffee shouldn’t taste like a donut!

Sandy: Tea. Chai latte and oolong.

How about ice cream?

Randy: It’s a toss-up between mint chocolate chip or chocolate almond.

Sandy: Vanilla with hot fudge and whipped cream.

A brief glimpse into the president’s personality:

Enneagram Number: 9

Myers-Briggs: ENFP

StrengthsFinder Top 5: Includer, Adaptability, Relator, Arranger, Developer

Connect with Randy and Sandy on social media!

Instagram: @randandsand89

Twitter: @RandyRemington

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