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With civil war ongoing and militant groups seizing Syria and Northern Iraq, Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) continues to provide desperately needed assistance to both Iraqi and Syrian refugees.

The relief efforts have particularly been in partnership with Foursquare churches and leaders in Turkey, but they are now expanding into additional areas in the Middle East and Europe.

This refugee crisis, now the largest in several generations, will require continued intervention for years to come. But while this work will be long term, it also requires care right now.

To date, FDR has heavily invested in ministry on the front lines, including having shipped 275,000 meals, facilitated the donation and delivery of a fully equipped ambulance, and otherwise assisted the ground efforts of our Foursquare family in the set up and operation of fully engaged refugee camps.

Foursquare’s unique position of having local church leaders and workers present in the middle of this crisis not only affords a tremendous opportunity for serving well, but also has opened doors for wider partnership with other organizations looking to assist.

We are reminded daily of the magnitude of need and the tremendous privilege we have to minister the genuine love of Jesus Christ in our changing world. Please prayerfully consider partnering with these expanding efforts.

Donate to FDR’s “Displaced People in Middle East” fund for International Relief, and invite your church members to pray for refugees and those serving them.

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is a member of Foursquare Disaster Relief leadership and an ordained Foursquare pastor serving with Compassion First in Beaverton, Ore.