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During the month of May, Foursquare saw three churches open in the U.S. In addition, 15 churches were closed, and nine Foursquare pastors retired. Seven senior pastors were appointed to Foursquare churches in the U.S.

There are now 1,794 Foursquare churches in the U.S., with 6,809 credentialed ministers serving at churches and in the field.

The following reported data was confirmed by the Foursquare board of directors between May 5–May 26.



Church Openings — 3

  • Amazing Grace Fellowship (St. Louis Foursquare Church) in St. Louis, Mo., pastored by Jeff Frederick (Gateway District)
  • Brawley Foursquare Church in Brawley, Calif., pastored by Ray Arroyo (Southwest District)
  • Mill Creek Community Church (Milford Foursquare Church) in Milford, Mich., pastored by Reggie Wall (Heartland District)

Church Closings (Permanent*) — 15

  • Anchored in Christ (New Bedford West Foursquare Church) in New Bedford, Mass. (Northeast District)
  • Centro Cristiano Nueva Vision (El Cajon Hispanic Foursquare Church) in Chula Vista, Calif. (Southwest District)
  • Christ My Sufficiency (Brooklyn Foursquare Church) in Brooklyn, N. Y. (Northeast District)
  • Cristo Vive (San Antonio Hispanic Foursquare Church) in San Antonio, Texas (MidSouth District)
  • Sonrise Christian Fellowship in Milford, Ill. (Heartland District)
  • Fountain (Torrance Korean Foursquare Church) in Torrance, Calif. (Greater Los Angeles District)
  • Holy Covenant (Bellflower Korean Foursquare Church) in Bellflower, Calif. (Greater Los Angeles District)
  • Morning Star Christian Fellowship (West Point Foursquare Church) in West Point, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • New Hope (Redondo Beach East Foursquare Church) in Torrance, Calif. (Greater Los Angeles District)
  • Prescott Valley Foursquare Church in Prescott Valley, Ariz. (Southwest District)
  • The Courtyard (Edmonds Foursquare Church) in Edmonds, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • The Lord’s Army (Lafayette Foursquare Church) in Lafayette, La. (MidSouth District)
  • The Sanctuary (Orange Hills Foursquare Church) in Fountain Valley, Calif. (Southwest District)
  • The Well (Lone Pine Foursquare Church) in Lone Pine, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Victory Harvest (Amarillo North Foursquare Church) in Amarillo, Texas (MidSouth District)

Church Anniversaries (50+ years) — 1

  • Pasadena Foursquare Church in Pasadena, Calif. (Pacific Coast and Valleys District) –– 80 years

Total U.S. Foursquare Churches — 1,794


Senior Pastoral Appointments to Established Foursquare Churches — 7

  • Antonio Ferraz to Bridgeport Portuguese, CT Foursquare Gospel Church in Bridgeport, Conn. (Northeast District)
  • Isaac Hovet to Faith Center (Cottage Grove Foursquare Church) in Cottage Grove, Ore. (North Pacific District)
  • Burton McIlroy to New Life (Amarillo Southwest Foursquare Church) in Amarillo, Texas (MidSouth District)
  • Ubirajara Oliveira to Hyannis Portuguese Foursquare Church in Hyannis, Mass. (Northeast District)
  • Jim Stamp to Westside Church (Chesapeake West Foursquare Church) in Chesapeake, Va. (Mid-Atlantic District)
  • Stan Taylor to New Horizon (Reseda Foursquare Church) in Reseda, Calif. (Pacific Coast and Valleys District)
  • Gary Wilson to Dixon Foursquare Church in Dixon, Ill. (Heartland District)

Credentialed Minister Retirements — 9

  • Bill Bowlby in Ryderwood, Wash. (Northwest District)
  • Jerri Carlson in Eureka, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Bill Carpenter in Amarillo, Texas (MidSouth District)
  • John Dersch in Dekalb, Ill. (Heartland District)
  • Buff Ness in Hamlin, Texas (MidSouth District)
  • Lana Ness in Hamlin, Texas (MidSouth District)
  • Kenneth Simpson in Columbia, Mo. (Gateway District)
  • Glenda Smith in Murrieta, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Jim Smith in Murrieta, Calif. (Central Pacific District)

Total Credentialed/Licensed Ministers — 6,809

* Closings: Churches are not permanently closed until assets are sold or transferred.
** One temporary closing took place during the time period.

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