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Short-term missions teams from the U.S., Hong Kong and Singapore helped Foursquare missionaries Ted and Sou Olbrich in Cambodia this spring. Ted said that he appreciated the help feeding 3,000 widows and orphans that the team takes care of regularly, and writes in his newsletter: “The best thing you do is not measured in physical results, or project expense, but in what it does in the heart of an orphan child who is told by their culture that they are cursed. When a foreigner comes from thousands of kilometers just to serve and be with them, it does more good than anything money can buy!”

Maria Elena Orellana said she felt “shocked and disappointed” when the physician told her she had thyroid cancer—the same cancer her sister contracted last year. Maria Elena is a dentist in Santiago, the capital of Chile, and attends a Foursquare church in Las Condes. She knew the chemotherapy that would be required would leave her unable to have children for several years. Struck with grief, Maria Elena asked Lee and Lisa Schnabel, Foursquare missionaries to Chile, to pray for her. Lee felt a clear word from the Lord that “this infirmity would not have the same effect as her sister’s illness.” After several weeks of prayer, Maria Elena went in for surgery, and the doctors found no trace of cancer. A second biopsy confirmed she was cancer free!

New Song, a Foursquare church in Nairobi, Kenya, recently celebrated its first baptism service. Foursquare missionary Garry Kean baptized 17 people, with over 100 people in attendance. The church started as a life group in the home of Garry and his wife, Brenda, in 2007 and became a full Foursquare church in 2009. New Song Nairobi now meets at local Hotel LeMada, and the baptism took place at the pool.

Tim and Kristina O’Toole are raising 100 percent of their support so they can serve as Foursquare missionaries in Galway, Ireland. While visiting the East Coast to raise support in the U.S., they met a man who was in tears as he told the O’Tooles that his grandparents were from Ireland and that he grew up hearing only negative things about their homeland. He asked God to send missionaries to help the people of Ireland and knew his prayers had been answered when the O’Tooles came to speak at his church. He is now praying for the O’Tooles and hopes to join them on trip to Ireland soon.

Southern Africa
Tyler and Lizzy Jorgensen, missionaries to Botswana, welcomed their daughter, Anika Marie Jorgensen, in January. She joins her brother, Joshua. Mom and Dad have been busy purchasing land for the Foursquare Gospel Church of Botswana, and can now begin to raise funds for a permanent building. Meanwhile, they continue to meet in their freshly repaired tent, which was damaged last year in a severe windstorm.

South Pacific Islands
Foursquare welcomed four new churches into the Foursquare family in Tonga—a location that previously had no Foursquare churches—as well as a church plant by the Tongan group in Auckland, New Zealand. These established churches under the Tala Fekau Pentecostal Assembly of Tonga met with Foursquare pastors—including Pastor Roko Netani Gucake from Vancouver, B.C., a native Fijian who is a descendant of Tongan royals—to discuss Foursquare’s beliefs and bylaws. Upon conclusion of the meetings, the five churches were welcomed into the Foursquare family and renamed Talafekau Foursquare Gospel Missions—Tonga.

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