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An historical moment occurred for The Foursquare Church on Sunday, November 5, 2006. The first ever nationally broadcast Foursquare Church Family Prayer Meeting unified more than 28,176 believers representing 1,268 congregations throughout the U.S. and Canada in 326 venues. In addition to these locations, 938 churches in 12 additional countries reported participation, making this event the first simultaneous global prayer meeting ever in the history of The Foursquare Church.

The Foursquare Church Family Prayer Meeting was broadcast from two sites–The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, Calif. hosted by Jack Hayford and Jim Tolle, and Capital Church in Washington D.C. hosted by Glenn Burris and Amos Dodge. The event was simulcast in English and Spanish and brought together believers who focused their intercession on 5 points of prayer:

  • Prayer for “all people”–i.e. everyone gathered, and all those we know.
  • Prayer for “kings and all in authority”–i.e. everyone in governing roles.
  • Prayer for “a quiet and peaceful life”–i.e. our cities, towns and their people.
  • Prayer for “people to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth.”
  • Prayer for “the peace of Jerusalem” and the neutralizing of the kingdom of darkness.

Perhaps one of the most important results of The Foursquare Church Family Prayer Meeting was the fact that among the local congregations participating in the event, 204 people found Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

In response to input from local church leaders, the National Church Office is developing an intercessory prayer blog called, Faithful in Prayer, which will provide an online venue for posting prayer requests as well as offer a connecting point for intercessors who would like to remember in prayer the requests of those in our Foursquare family who seek prayer support. Watch for the release of Faithful in Prayer in early 2007.

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