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While a host of local Foursquare churches will be observing New Year’s Eve with worship, praise and celebration, the earlier planned production and broadcast of the Foursquare Live! event scheduled for Dec. 31, 2007, has been withdrawn. Foursquare President Jack Hayford announced, “In every way, we see this as a positive adjustment!”

In a conference call with the more than 500 members of the executive council, comprised of district supervisors, divisional superintendents, board members and cabinet members, Pastor Hayford explained this decision. “This alteration reflects nothing of disappointment or negative concern,” he said. “To the contrary, it is positive—a decision made in light of our discovery that the scheduled plans for the production were not proving to be truly workable for the majority of our local church downlink sites.”

He added, “Enthusiasm for our second Foursquare Family Prayer Meeting still runs high, but we need to find a future date that will maximize our praying together at the same time. All involved have indicated they understand and welcome this decision.”

The National Church Office will provide all U.S. Foursquare churches with a DVD that includes “roll in” features, which may be used in local gatherings either on New Year’s Eve or at another early 2008 church event. This resource will feature Foursquare leaders sharing prayer focuses, including the multiple ministries opening to God’s people in the New Year, as well as distinct intercessory points for the whole Foursquare family.

The next Foursquare Live! broadcast is scheduled for April 5, 2008, when Foursquare Live! will present That Your Glory May Be Seen—a dynamic, unified welcome to God’s Spirit to ignite a fresh awakening to the power potential of the worshipping church! More information regarding this event, and others related to it, is available at

(1934-2023) was the former president of The Foursquare Church and founding pastor of The Church On The Way.