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Across the Gulf Coast, many Foursquare churches continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. “Our youth building is pretty much totaled,” John and Patty Elliott, Foursquare pastors in Hitchcock, Texas, reported.

The devastation in the Elliotts’ church didn’t discourage the group of believers in South Texas, however. This past Sunday evening, they prepared and delivered meals to residents of Galveston Island, which had been decimated by the storm. Volunteer teams from other churches split their time between cleaning debris from the Hitchcock church facility and helping island residents across the channel clean up what remained of their homes.

In addition, the Hitchcock church also operates a camp facility, which, since Ike struck the region, has hosted 81 state troopers dispatched to maintain peace in the area. In addition, 38 game wardens stayed at the camp after the storm to address the issue of displaced wildlife in the region.

The Elliotts and their team have served the troopers and wardens with the love of Christ, a meaningful gift to those who have been far from their own homes and have appreciated a bit of normalcy amidst such devastation. A makeshift helipad was cleared at the campground, which allowed the commander and his pilot to land their helicopter on site—another out-of-the-ordinary occurrence. “It’s eerie to, in the middle of the night, see bright lights descending from the sky and hear a horrendous noise!” Patty Elliott said.

As cleanup and restoration continues, prayer and financial support is needed. Leaders in the Gulf Coast request that our Foursquare family pray:

  • For peace in the communities and neighborhoods affected by Ike
  • For the strength and spiritual vitality of ministers as they reach out to people who are struggling and hurting.
  • For the Holy Spirit’s presence to bring hope in the midst of the devastation.

Financial gifts are needed immediately to help provide food, water, clothing, personal products, cleaning supplies and generators to help sustain these communities as cleanup and rebuilding begins. Details on ways to help and ways to give toward U.S. relief are available online.

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