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“The days have been long, physical and emotionally exhausting…” said Pastor Henry Holland, New Life Christian Fellowship, Groves, Texas.

The Foursquare Church continues relief efforts in the Gulf Coast supporting and encouraging our ministers in the field. A recent update from Dr. Henry and Beverly Holland of Groves, Texas provides one of the many compelling accounts from dozens of Foursquare leaders ministering in the region.

“The church family is still scattered; some of our people are dealing with loss, emotions, confusion, anger, and some with depression. Church attendance is down and grief is hovering over many,” Henry recently wrote. “One community about five miles from the church has lost over 98 percent of its homes, due to flooding.” He said the effects of Ike upon the region have been “profound.”

In the past three years, the Golden Triangle in Southeast Texas has been mercilessly hammered by tropical storms: first Katrina in 2005 immediately followed by Rita, and now, Ike. The small town of Groves, Texas, located at the mouth of the Sabine River on the southern Texas-Louisiana border, has been particularly hard-hit.

The Hollands have been able to unite with two other churches and a disaster relief group, and thus far have distributed clothing, cleaning supplies and food to over 10,000 people. On a personal level, they still are waiting for an insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage to their own property, as well as the minor damage incurred at the church building. In addition, Ike has dramatically affected the finances of area churches. “We need God to intervene financially,” Henry said in a letter to district leadership.

In the midst of the storm aftermath, there is a bright spot: the oil refineries in the area will reportedly receive funding so that production can be restored, resulting in jobs for communities which have been in economic depression for the past several years.

In the past two weeks, the Foursquare family has contributed over $25,000 to relief efforts in the Gulf Coast. Henry and Beverly Holland and our other Foursquare ministers faithfully serve the needs of their communities and need our prayers and our continued financial support as the restoration continues.

Leaders in the Gulf Coast request that our Foursquare family pray:

  • For God’s financial provision as communities are restored.
  • For spiritual breakthrough in the lives of those most affected by sorrow and loss.
  • For the Holy Spirit’s presence to bring hope in the midst of the devastation.

Ways to help and ways to give toward U.S. relief and photos and video clips of restoration efforts are available online.

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