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Foursquare France awaits the outcome of an important vote that will take place in Paris the weekend of March 11, which will determine whether the organization will be recognized as a permanent member of the French Protestant Federation (FPF). FPF is the official representative of Protestant churches before the French government (and often in the minds of the people in France).

This past year in France, evangelical faith–especially that of Pentecostal-charismatic believers–has been labeled as a “dangerous” sect by both the media and the French government. The traditional churches, which represent the bulk and historical weight of the FPF, are being asked to open their doors to new evangelicals (the vote will include three other church unions along with Foursquare) at this two-day meeting. Two-thirds of the voting members must approve recognizing Foursquare France.

There has undoubtedly, and understandingly, been much room to highlight the many “differences” which exist in the body of Christ between traditional Protestant churches and newer evangelical churches–and Foursquare has given much effort to work humbly towards respect and unity, seeking to remain balanced while not compromising the wonderful gospel of life and healing that the Lord has given us to proclaim. The decision made on March 11 will definitely be a pivotal moment in the direction of this Protestant church union in France.

Please pray that the Lord will give favor to The Foursquare Church in France with the French government, and that His will be done on this day. Continue also to pray that The Foursquare Church would be a source of blessing to the body of Christ in France, and even more so to the greater majority of people who still do not know the Lord in this country.

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