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During the month of January, four new churches were opened, two Foursquare churches were closed, and eight Foursquare pastors retired. In addition, four senior pastors were appointed to Foursquare churches in the U.S.

There are now 1,695 Foursquare churches in the U.S., with 6,659 credentialed ministers serving at churches and in the field.

The following reported data was confirmed by the Foursquare board of directors between January 1–31.



Church Openings — 4

  • GPdl New Life Church (Chicago Indonesian Foursquare Church), pastored by Jeamly Ticoalu in Chicago, Ill. (Heartland District)
  • The Fort Foursquare Church (Dacono Foursquare Church), pastored by David Findley in Dacono, Colo. (Gateway District)
  • The Fountain Foursquare Church (Baldwin West Foursquare Church), pastored by Darwin Maunu in Baldwin, Wis. (Heartland District)
  • The Gathering Place Church (Commerce City North Foursquare Church), pastored by Brian Coleman in Commerce City, Colo. (Gateway District)

Church Closings (Permanent*) — 2**

  • East Hill (Vancouver 4 Foursquare Church) in Camas, Wash. (North Pacific District)
  • New Harvest Community Church (Pomona Central Foursquare Church) in Pomona, Calif. (Greater Los Angeles District)

Church Anniversaries (50+ years) — 1

  • Hope 4 Life (Abilene Hope Chapel Foursquare Church) in Abilene, Texas (MidSouth District) — 50 years

Total U.S. Foursquare Churches — 1,695

Total Attendance of the U.S. Foursquare Churches — 248,056


Senior Pastoral Appointments to Established Foursquare Churches — 4

  • Weferson Antonio to Plymouth Portuguese Foursquare Church in Plymouth, Mass. (Northeast District)
  • John Gehrung to The Olive Branch (Corning Foursquare Church) in Corning, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Michael Kernutt to Faith Fellowship (Redding South Foursquare Church) in Redding, Calif. (Central Pacific District)
  • Dennis Shearer to Dover Foursquare Church in Dover, Ohio (Mid-Atlantic District)

Credentialed Minister Retirements — 8

  • David Brewer in Benton, Ark. (MidSouth District)
  • Garey Cline in Broken Arrow, Okla. (MidSouth District)
  • Kathleen Green in Donna, Texas (MidSouth District)
  • Gavino Guerrero in Midland, Texas (MidSouth District)
  • Jacqueline Probert in Largo, Fla. (Southeast District)
  • John Wilds in Prineville, Ore. (North Pacific District)
  • Dave Wing in Dover, Ohio (Mid-Atlantic District)
  • Joyce Wing in Dover, Ohio (Mid-Atlantic District)

Total Credentialed/Licensed Ministers  — 6,659

* Closings: Churches are permanently closed when assets are sold or transferred.

**Temporary Closings: One church was temporarily closed during the month of January.

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