Foursquare Disaster Relief

Sept. 19, 2019 – Read about Foursquare Disaster Relief’s response to Hurricane Dorian, which included a recent visit to the island.

Sept. 10, 2019 – Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) is actively engaged in relief efforts in the Bahamas, following the Sept. 1 Category 5 storm that devastated some of the islands.

In addition to providing supplies to other ministries with access to some of the worst-affected areas, FDR has also sent trained responders to deliver and operate desperately needed clean water filters, deliver supplies to an orphanage, and assess ongoing needs and opportunities for ministry.

Though Foursquare currently has no churches in the area, helping meet the immense needs in the wake of Hurricane Dorian is part of our calling as an interdenominational movement committed to building Christ’s global church.

Learn more about how you can support FDR’s Dorian response.

Sept. 3, 2019 – Category 5 Hurricane Dorian plowed through the Bahamas this past weekend. Now a Category 2 storm, it is heading toward Florida, Georgia and possibly the Carolinas.

Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) is deploying a team of pastors who are trained responders to the Bahamas later this week to assess the situation and see how The Foursquare Church can partner best with local organizations to help in affected areas.

Foursquare family, we need your help. This type of disaster requires an immediate response as Hurricane Dorian is still active and continues to cause destruction. Since the Bahamas is an island, expenses to bring in supplies will be great. FDR also needs to be prepared for potential damage to come in the Southeast U.S. this week.

Support FDR as we respond with practical aid and the love of Jesus. Will you join us by praying and by making a donation to hurricane relief?


  • Pray for God’s comfort over those who have lost loved ones due to Hurricane Dorian.
  • Pray that floodwaters in the Bahamas will miraculously subside, so rebuilding can begin.
  • Pray for safety over the FDR-deployed response team flying to assess the damage in the Bahamas this week. Pray that God will open doors for Foursquare to help practically while bringing the love of Jesus to those in a desperate time.
  • Pray for the safety of those still in Hurricane Dorian’s path. Pray the storm dissipates as it travels towards the U.S. Praise God that the hurricane has subsided to a Category 2 storm; pray it continues to dissipate as it travels.

Aug. 30, 2019 – As Hurricane Dorian heads toward Florida and Georgia, we are inviting our Foursquare churches to pray during weekend services. The hurricane is projected to land at a Category 4, which could result in the level of destruction seen from Hurricane Harvey (2017) and Hurricane Florence (2018).

Our Foursquare Disaster Relief team provided the following prayer points:

  • Pray for those who may be in Dorian’s path. Pray they would take wisdom in preparing for the storm. Pray for those in the path of the storm to experience the refuge and peace of God in the midst of the storm. In addition, pray for our 48 Foursquare churches in Florida; additional Foursquare churches and communities are also in Georgia.
  • Pray for safety and strength for first responders. Police, firefighters, emergency workers and chaplains are standing by, ready to assist.
  • Pray for Foursquare Disaster Relief teams. Pray for wisdom as they prepare to go as needed. Pray for local pastors and congregations as they prepare to be beacons of light in their communities.
  • Pray for the storm to dissipate. It is not too late for our mighty Lord to turn this storm back into the ocean. Declare Psalm 89:8-9 as you are praying.

As you pray this weekend, Foursquare Disaster Relief also is asking for donations so they can respond immediately when storms, like Hurricane Dorian, strike.

Download this slide to provide your congregation the opportunity to give.

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