Foursquare Connection 2022 will welcome nine fresh voices to the mainstage in Orlando, Fla, to be held May 30-June 2, 2022. These include Brandon Ahu, Aaron Calhoun, Fernando Castillo, Maria Coleman, Nate Poetzl, Danielle Strickland, Jeff Tolle and Foursquare President Randy Remington. Learn more about all Connection speakers by visiting

Worship will be led by Zeo, a worship band from Hawaii made up of Tiffany Thurston, Imua Garza, Tiffa Garza and Kamu Sing.

In addition, Martín Ruarte will be speaking at Conexión Hispana, to be held on May 31 on the mainstage. Jazmin Vera will be leading worship. The event will include English and Portuguese translation.

Outside of the ballroom, attendees will want to check out workshops and Multiethnic Connections. Relevant workshops topics include innovating, leading through hard times, creating a culture of prayer, discipleship and NextGen. Two workshops will be offered in Spanish.

In addition, those that lead multiethnic congregations or are interested in how to lead in a fresh context will want to checkout Multiethnic Connections. Language groups that will be gathering include African, Brazilian/Portuguese, Chinese, Council of Black Leaders, Filipino, Korean, Native American/Pacific Islander.

Register and learn more about our speakers and worship team at See you May 30-June 2 in Orlando!

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