Presidential Election 2019

With anticipation for the future of The Foursquare Church, the Foursquare cabinet convened Jan. 14-16 to begin the process of selecting the nominees to be vetted and chosen as candidates for the Foursquare presidency.

Emphasizing the spiritual responsibility before the cabinet body, the sessions began each day with an extended time of worship, prayer and a devotional message. Steve Schell shared that the cabinet was embarking on a spiritual journey that would lead them—not to determine a president, but to discover God’s will, the person He has chosen.

Download the audio for Steve’s devotional here.

As leaders called on the Holy Spirit to lead the conversations and selection process, the meetings were marked both by widespread participation, as members came to the microphones to share and lead in prayer, and by confidence that God Himself was present, with a plan and to stay connected to Him to walk out the process.

The bylaws outlining the process for candidate selection were presented and followed to initiate the steps that will conclude at the cabinet meetings in March, where the final candidate names will be determined. During the three days of meeting, cabinet members representing every district and age group prayed and deliberated as they submitted and voted on the names that represent the best and most trusted leadership in our movement.

Steve Schell shared that the cabinet is embarking on a spiritual journey that will lead them—not to determine a president, but to discover God’s will, the person He has chosen.

In addition to the presidential selection process, an emphasis on improving our movement’s evangelism focus nationwide was discussed. President Glenn Burris Jr. shared a vision for stirring up the heart of reaching the lost as we head toward 2020 and our focus on Jesus, our Soon-Coming King. Testimonies of life-change, along with ideas for greater effectiveness, were shared.

The cabinet meetings concluded with a strong sense of God’s direction for our Foursquare family and expectation of His choice for our leadership to be affirmed in the coming months.

Presidential candidates will be announced following the cabinet meetings this March. Credentialed ministers will be offered the opportunity to meet the candidates at six local forums across the U.S., which will also be available to view online. For up-to-date information on the presidential election, visit

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  1. We are praying with everyone for the LORD’S leading and the leader HE has chosen to supervise our great Foursquare Movement. Keep lookin up!
    Alan White

  2. “Sometimes the simplest expressions carry the most enduring and encouraging truth, here are 4 simple words,” God is with You””

  3. I just listened to Steve Schell’s remarks and prayer. Thanking the Lord for the marvelous work He is doing in our Church. As the old hymn declares, “Lead on, O King Eternal …”

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